OOTD - Get Me To The Gym!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013
Sports Leggings - Victoria's Secret // Adidas Sports Bra - Sports Direct // Trainers - Nike // Hoodie - Hollister// Vest top - Topshop (old) 

As you guys can probably tell from the lack of recent posts, my 30 Day Shred was a miserable fail. Don't worry, I plan to start next week now my final essay has been handed in so we can try again!

Due to the stress of having my final assignments due in, I have been spending long hours slaving in the library, eating comfort food and then not being bothered to exercise because I'm mentally exhausted and crashing in my bed at 9pm. (Skins was a gross misrepresentation of teenage life in Britain.)

The other day I was off to the library and decided I had to do some exercise to motivate me and refresh my endorphins. I figured if I wore a cute gym outfit and was already dressed for it, then I'd already be halfway to actually getting off my ass and going to the gym. (My plan worked by the way guys. I felt too guilty to go home without going to the gym dressed like this so I went and had a good session and felt all the better and refreshed for it!)

It was sunny too so I took the chance to try out my new prescription sunnies. They were from Optical Express, just the own brand ones as I got them free with my clear lenses. I love to wear baggy vests to the gym as my gym doesn't allow us to wear crop tops (apparently it's offensive?!?) and it keeps me more refreshed than skin tight tops. I personally prefer to work out in just a sports bra, when I'm at home I work out in a sports bra in front of a mirror as it motivates me more because a) I can see my muscles working which makes me want to push myself further and b) I can see my flab a'jigglin' and dancing away which makes me want to work harder to burn it away!!

What do you guys wear when you want to feel good at the gym?

2 comments on "OOTD - Get Me To The Gym!"
  1. I love your faces in your pictures, haha!
    Alice ♥ alicekatex.blogspot.com

  2. Good luck with all your work, I know the feeling


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