Pastel Bones

Saturday, 4 May 2013
Leotard- Primark // Shorts - JCPenny // Belt - Internacionale // Vans and separate laces - Schuh // Sunnies - Primark // Jacket - Topshop // Clear Glasses - D&G // Cardigan - Miss Selfridge
Bad news is I've had a horrible week and not wanted to blog. Good news is, I've taken shed loads of OOTD photo's before my bad week started which I had not uploaded yet so I can keep blogging them for you. If I was to blog what I actually did this week it would consist of wearing a sheep onesie, eating horrific amounts of comfort food and generally rotting away in my bed watching anime films and Skins.

I wore this outfit to the library I think, as I was in there all day and it's a comfy lounging sort of outfit. My laces from Schuh are my favourites, I love relacing sneakers to make them look dope. Also repping my new specks so I can see things now which is great. 

I also have very exciting news that I have been offered a new job... I won't give away too much as I still have things i need to sort out but it involves TATTOOS AND NAILS. My two most favourite things! So that is good. 

4 comments on "Pastel Bones"
  1. This t shirt is so cool - you look amazing, love the whole look xo

  2. I really like it with the cardigan :) x

  3. Love this leotard!
    S xx

  4. I really really really need this leotard!
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


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