Red Lips and Sore Feet.

Sunday, 26 May 2013
 Jacket - H&M //  Skirt - Internacionale // Top - Thrift Shop // Shoes - Schuh // Beanie - Ebay

Today has been a good day. I officially passed my exam and am now a qualified acrylic nail tech! This is super exciting, mostly for the reason that I get to quit my long, late hours at the bar and can start working at the nail salon in town! 
Everyone send me a pat on the back and a high five, this is a good thing to happen after the nightmare of exams. (They were a high 8.5 on the natural disaster scales unfortunately.)

Monochrome is bigger this season than shag bands were in the 90's. It's a classic, timeless, sophisticated look. I am not classic, timeless, or sophisticated. For this reason I tend to jazz up my monochrome outfits with bright pops of colour or print. Today I opted for red, trying to bring some class to my style!
The lip is Cherry by Natural Collection. (My all-time favourite red lipstick. It beats all Mac and Rimmel red lips I've tried in the past and is only £1.99 so I urge you all to spend your loose pennies on a stick and let it work it's magic.)
The beanie I picked up from Ebay for about £6, and has the Dimepiece 'Ain't No Wifey' slogan. Unfortunately, being a student, I cannot afford to fork out what Dimepiece charge for their beanies, so I have to make do with Ebay style copy-cats. Oh the perils of student bank accounts.

The down side to the outfit is the shoes. I bought these cute flatforms from Schuh, and they are a Schuh's own brand, so they were a good price. However, every time I wear them they absolutely shred my feet. It feels as though I am walking on wire with pinched feet. I end up hobbling around looking like I've sh*t myself. I am trying desperately to wear them in, but the amount of pain they cause me makes me want to steer clear from them, which means breaking them in is taking much longer than usual.

Has anyone else had this problem with Schuh's own brand?

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  1. You look gorgeous! I love your skirt so much xo


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