The Hobbling Lemon.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013
Dress - Miss Selfridge Oxford Street/ Blazer - thrifted // Clutch - Select // Shoes - New Look

Firstly I would like to apologise for several things. The first is the picture quality, I usually use natural daylight but as this was the evening I was forced to use the ever-unflattering flash. The second is my shiny face - this was post event and my '12 hour matte foundation' didn't live up to it's promises.

This was my outfit to the Clansmen end of year dinner. My boyfriend is a member of the University american football team, and despite him being abroad I was kindly invited along by his best chum Stu as his plus one. I love supporting the team and was so glad to be able to go and see them get all their awards and stuff my face with cheesecake. They all looked so handsome all in their suits as well! I felt like a proud mother.

This dress was picked up at Christmas time from the Oxford Circus Miss Selfridge store. It was in the sale down to £75 and I got a cheeky 25% extra off with staff discount. (I worked at Topshop and temped at Miss Selfridge.) The photo's aren't very flattering due to my lack of fitness and gymming recently, but the dress was lovely, albeit horribly short. I couldn't bend over, so thank goodness I've given up alcohol or there would be knickers all over the place. Ain't nobody got time fo' that

My fringe was also above-brow length when I left, but dropped throughout the night. In hindsight I should have taken photo's in the day. Rookie error. I also got home to find that when I took my shoes off they had rubbed through a few inches of flesh and my foot was bleeding, yet being the blogging trooper I am I forced them back on for these photo's, which is why I look a bit like I need a poo. I was hobbling to and from the camera like a crippled old woman, limping away in these horrible shoes. Hence the title.

All in all it was a lovely night and even though I had been in a grumpy mood all day I'm glad I went :)
Thankyou Stu! 

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Want your blazer
    S xx


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