The Importance of the Fur Coat.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The other day I was walking around Waitrose in my pyjamas. My hair was scraped up in a freshly washed, still damp bun, and I had my trusty David & Goliath 'I want a hug' PJ top on with my rolled up Topshop jammy bottoms underneath. I looked like a total train wreck, and was in need of breakfast milk so ran over to get some. (I live next door to Waitrose. The joys.)
Despite being dressed to go to a 10 year old's sleepover party, I felt fabulous, because I had my trusty fur coat (faux of course,) covering up my lazy-girl wear. And that was when I realised. Everyone should own a fur coat.

They have been slightly victimised by the cheap and tacky knock-offs, courtesy of Primarni, and are fighting a battle similar to the likes that Burberry have seen, particularly in the dodgy London areas. But if we can shun off the negative and chavvy connotations associated with a cheap fur coat, they are actually a piece of clothing which covers many important clothing requirements.
1. They are warm.
2. They make you feel fabulous.
3. They are comfy.
4. You can use them as pillows.
5. You can use them as blankets.
6. If you add sunglasses and heels into the mix you look like a famous person.
7. They last forever. (Unless you burn them with hair straighteners like I did, then  they melt and go all hard and stiff.)
8. If you add a gold chain into the mix you look like a rapper or a Pimp.
9. If you wrap it around your head like a hat you look like the stereotype of a Russian.
10. Your mum will probably tell you it was a sensible purchase, especially if you buy it in the Winter months.

I found my fur coat in Miss Selfridge in the Christmas sales. It was £30 off and I had my staff discount, so it was a lot cheaper than the standard fur coat, though still a bit pricey. The other day I was walking through town and discovered the paradox and lies that come with ownership of a fur coat.
I look rich. I must be rich to afford this fur coat. The sad reality is I am poor as any other student and this fur coat plunged me into the depths of the ever-looming overdraft.
Was it worth it?

To conclude, you can be broke and go out wearing tracky bums and an old holey vest top, but throw a fur coat over it and suddenly you look eccentric, couture, vogue, and eclectic. Enter Oliver Proudlock.

Let's quickly run over a few people who wear fur coats.
Victoria Beckham. Cruella De Ville. 50 Cent. Millie Mackintosh. Cara Delevingne. Rhianna. Snoop Dogg. Miranda Kerr.

A plethora of interesting, unique, and stylish individuals.

Let's quickly run over who doesn't wear a fur coat.
Justin Bieber.

Who do you want to be?

3 comments on "The Importance of the Fur Coat. "
  1. I do love a fir coat - perfect for open air activities in the evening! xo

  2. I've been debating with myself over whether or not to get a fur coat for ages as I don't know if I can pull it off but I think this post has just tipped me over the edge and I now need one haha!

  3. I've been searching for the perfect fur coat for years. I will find it one day! :D xo


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