Velvet and Camouflage.

Monday, 6 May 2013
Dress- BettiLovesIt // Crop Top - Topshop // Socks - Primark // Vans - Schuh // Camo Jacket - Internacionale // Hoodie - River Island (old)

I'm not a big fan of dresses. I love them on other people, and my boyfriend always says I look nicest in a day dress, but I feel a bit like a little girl. I decided to try and dress down my velvet black dress bought for my Christmas work-do, and this was the result. I layered it with a crop top underneath because the more layers the better in Scotland, summer, winter, regardless.

I love the long sock look teamed with dresses too, but again, this reminds me of dressing up as a slutty school girl for various fancy dress nights at my first year of uni. Because I seem to associate it with dressing like a bit of a night-walker, I always make sure I only wear long socks with dressed-down shoes and outfits, so Vans were a perfect choice as my usual go-to shoe.

I originally wore this outfit with just my camo jacket, but it was chilly as anything so I threw on my wooly checkered hoodie from River Island underneath. I liked this outfit and I do think it was successfully dressed-down, but I did feel a bit like a marshmallow with the four layers on, and ended up doing a not-so-seductive strip in the library when I started to boil up.

How do you guys dress down a nice evening dress?

4 comments on "Velvet and Camouflage."
  1. i love the jacket and the whole layered look! to dress down an evening dress i always go for converse and a denim jacket x

  2. Love this dress!
    You look so cute
    S xx

  3. I love the combination! You look gorgeous xo

  4. vanssss <3
    love your outfit!


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