Wow, Those Are Bright.

Friday, 31 May 2013
Bodysuit - Miss Selfridge // Pumps - Miss Selfridge // Trousers - Primark // Watch - Casio, American Apparal.

Today, I dressed for a British summer. It was sunny outside, mild, almost muggy. The sky was blue and there was no wind. This is a rare occurrence. I picked these crazy trousers up from Primark earlier this week. With something so baggy and loose-fitting, it should be paired with something tight so as not to drown your figure out. I went for a lace pannelled leotard from Miss Selfridge. (Old stock sorry! :( )

I actually very nearly wore this outfit to a job interview yesterday with some court heels, but changed my mind last minute in case they thought "who was that girl we interviewed with the ugly trousers?"
This thought seemed to have paid off, as I opted for a cream and black outfit and got the job. High Five for boring interview style.

So off I went into town in the glorious sunshine, I popped into Orange for a quick question which as usual went unresolved (take note of my bitter emotion please, Orange. You're shite.)
I popped back outside and in the 3 minutes I was inside, it decided to pour with rain.  Scottish Weather.

I wore a black card over the top, just a plain simple Topshop one to keep me from getting chilly con carni.
(Great joke there, try to hold back the overwhelming urge to burst out in peals of screeching laughter.)

My lipstick is FullSpeed by Mac, which seemed to match the trousers almost identically. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, I always feel a bit silly going out matching, unless of course it's red. Red is timeless.

To conclude, I thought I'd share this outfit with you because these beautiful trousers were only something like £11 in Primark at the moment and because for once my outfit involves no leopard print. I chose not to wear jewellery with this because I didn't want to look overbearing or get mistaken for a disco ball.

My hair was curled with Mark Hill curlers if anyone was curious. They have zebra print on them which is why I bought them to be honest, but turns out they're actually really good too.
After town I went to my friend Toby's where I was greeted with 'Oh my God, those are a bit bright. What are you wearing?!'
I consider this a success. Always go for a reaction. No reaction means boring.

Do you agree?

2 comments on "Wow, Those Are Bright."
  1. I love these I've been eyeing them up for the past couple of weeks!

    Katie xx

    Beauty and the Baker

  2. wow those trousers really are bright but just what we need when the weather doesn't brighten up - might aswell do it ourselves! i love the leotard and i totally agree with Orange - they're useless! x


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