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Sunday Snaps #20

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Instagram: CallieKazumi

Wardrobe Organised // Cuppa break from work //
Sleepy intern // Some acrylics I did this week // 
Watching Totoro in the bath // A painting I did // 
Getting my finger tattood // Surviving off coffee.

Camillamackintosh // Valfre // Apolitepunk

A battle through Primark.

Beanie - Ebay // Pumps - Primark // Vest  - Primark // Jeans - Primark // Lips - Mac, Ruby Woo.

I am officially broke. The perils of working as a free intern all summer with no time for paid work, and no student loan has officially plummeted me into my student overdraft. But I really wanted some comfy, baggy boyfriend jeans. So this desire paired with my crying credit situation left me one option : shopping abstinence, or Primark. Now when it comes to abstinence, it is easy for me to say 'no' to a lot of things. I suppose you think of sex first. Easy. Food? Slightly harder. Shopping? Impossible.

That's just the way it is. So I went into Primark (on a Saturday.) Primark at the weekend in my town is horrible. The locals are out in swarms, smelling of piss and lager and BO. Mothers pulling screaming kids, swearing at them to shut up. High five, good parenting. Wonder how polite your kids will turn out! Nobody moves or gives way if you're trying to get past and most people are morbidly obese and kind of belly butt you out of their way.
Am I painting a pretty picture of my town yet? 
But I got the jeans. And for £13. And that's all that matters really, at the end of the day. Even if I had to battle my way through some junkies to get it.
Then I realised I was part of a clan of junkies too. If I looked around closely. There were between far and few of us, but we were there. Not swearing, waiting in the shadows for the chavs to move. Wearing something other than velour tracksuits. Yes. Shopping junkies. 
So really, we are all the same.

Add some sunnies and this laid back look reminds me of Megan Fox a bit in her pre-baby years. I think the baggy jeans look pretty dope with a tight simple tank, what would you guys wear it with? Maybe a crop top? Or is that too far? I'm no Rihanna after all.

Hand Tattoo Discrimination

Friday, 28 June 2013
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Today's post is a bit different. When I say 'hand tattoo discrimination', I'm sure for the most part you think of the elder generation, the work place, etc. This post is actually about hand tattoo discrimination, in tattoo parlours. What is this world coming to!

I just underwent an experience which has to be frank, peeved me off. (I actually used stronger language when describing the experience to my flatmate but for the purpose of this post we will stick to peeved.) I have wanted finger tattoos for a long time. I've thought about it for a substantial length of time, and come to the conclusion alongside my parents, that any career path I go down will be more creative than professional, and tattoos on display will not affect my chances of employment for what I want to do. Obviously if I was wanting to be a lawyer or a doctor or a businesswoman or a nun it would be a different story. In today's society tattoos are becoming the norm, with everyone and their mother having one. (I still cringe at badly done ones. I'd rather be a blank canvas than covered in drunken house party errors.)

Today I decided to just take the plunge and go for it. I went to my first choice of studio in my town, Lab Monkey, but they were shut. Out of curiosity I went down the road to another, Infamous Ink despite not liking the atmosphere in there on previous occasions. There is nothing worse than going into a studio and feeling patronised. I asked if they did walk ins, and explained what I wanted done. (I prefer walk ins to appointments because I don't have time to psych myself up and can just do it when I feel brave.) The girl simply responded with 'We won't do your hands if you aren't already heavily tattooed.'

Source -

Right. I understand some people may say this is a sign of a good studio, and say it reflects that they care about the customer, but I disagree. These are the reasons why:
1. She could have explained the implications of hand tattoos for me, told me to think about it and come back. This would have been quite reasonable and I would think of them as very professional. Instead I had no option. I am not already 'heavily tattooed' so I cannot have my hands done.
2. I am fully aware of the implications and am going forwards with this decision, it's no loss for me I'll just go back up the road and get it done there.
3. She judged me based on my appearance, that I was not already 'heavily tattooed.' For all she knows I could have lifted my top and had two full sleeves and a chest piece. I wish I had just to make her look stupid.
4. What constitutes 'heavily?'
5. We complain about tattoo discrimination in the work place, where at times it is reasonable. Discrimination in a parlour is ridiculous. I was judged on my appearance as someone who had no clue what I wanted or was talking about and told straight out 'no.' with no real reason given. Is it only people with their necks and legs covered that can get their hands done? I wasn't asking for a full on hand piece, just a tiny bit on my finger. Coverable by a ring. 'Totes ridic' as my flatmate would say.

The whole situation and lack of choice for customers is ridiculous, they are judging anyone who isn't visibly covered to be someone who has no clue what they are talking about when it comes to tattoo's. I currently have 4 pieces, 3 more planned (two of which are of substantial size.) For someone to take a look at me (I was dressed to go to the gym and probably looked about 12) and decide that I wasn't capable of making a decision regarding what to do with my own body is ridiculous.

So thanks for that, I'll be heading back to good old Lab Monkey when they open and never stepping foot in Infamous Ink again. Ya wench.

Super Kawaii - Toykyo Street Style

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

When I was around 13, 14, I was totally fascinated by Japan, particularly Tokyo, It wasn’t so much the culture, but the fashion and lifestyle of the people. In art class I found a book called Fruits, which was basically a compilation of Japanese street style. I thought it was incredible and horrific, weird and quirky, fun and ridiculous all at once. I based my GCSE art piece on Japanese style, and my parents got me the Fruits book for my birthday. (I still have it.)

With my Mother being Japanese I think my parent’s kind of thought my interest was ‘cute’, especially after a ridiculously long Pokemon fandom. (Don’t worry guys – still not long enough to know more than the 150 originals!) On arriving at university I noticed a LOT of Asian students dressing incredibly well. It rekindled my interest in Japanese street style, and I had a cheeky peek online.

I noticed a lot of what we pull together in the Western world is going on over in Japan – but everything is exaggerated. I don’t know whether we take it from them or they take it from us, where do the catwalks start? But I do know that everything we do – they do bigger and better.

They revel in ridiculously oversized clothes, with sunglasses and hair, the bigger the better. The higher the shoes the taller and more willowy they look. (Asians seem to be gifted with smaller bone structures in general so they all look teeny tiny, complete with long Bambi limbs. Oh the jealousy.) They accessorize with crazy things that look like they come from the kids section of Claire’s Accessories  - and pull it off. It’s childish and bold all at once. And they do not shy away from prints, think Lady Gaga cross OFWGKTA with a hint of crazy old cat lady.

 They put together outfits we wouldn’t even dream of. They pair things together we would never even think to partner. And if we did we would probably get sneered at in the conservative British streets. I’ve pulled together a couple of my favourite outfits from They are definitely some of the tamer outfits, but I would recommend having a look at the site and seeing just how crazy some of them are! 

I like these outfits the most as well because you can see where Tokyo street style overlaps with London street style – they have worn things we would wear here in these pictures, but somehow they’ve accessorized the outfits in a way that we don’t seem to think of doing here in the UK. I hope we Brits get more daring with our style and take a leaf out of Tokyo’s books sometime soon!

What do you guys think of Japanese street style?

Win £100 to Spend on Clothes !

Monday, 24 June 2013
Hey Girls,

Just a very quick and speedy post today to let you all know about a competition I found, it's run my which is essentially an online shopping mall which only shows you clothes suited to your style, pulled in from hundreds of stores which is a pretty cool concept.

So if any of you guys have a Pinterest account and 5 minutes it is probably worth entering, you win £100 Mallzee vouchers which you can spend in all their stores which includes Urban Outfitters, Asos, Motel, New Look, Monsoon, Ted Baker and more :)

Details are here!!!

OOTD - Party Rings & Fleather

Sunday, 23 June 2013
Bodysuit - Missguided // Fleather Jacket - Thrifted // Pumps - Primark // Shorts - Internacionale //

After buying the Missguided bodysuits I decided to try wearing one out for some casual drinks, so I paired it with these super comfy high waist shorts from Internacionale which I find really easy to dress up or dress down. 
I always get snobby and slightly ashamed to be seen in Internacionale, but they always have really nice bits, these shorts were £5. I do tend to lower my voice when people call and ask where I am though! "I'm in Internacionale.."
"*cough* Internacionale!*"
Oh what a shopping snob.
In an ideal world I would have worn heeled boots with the outfit but by heels have been cut from wearing in some shoes so I had to go with pumps.
My timeless fleather (fake leather) jacket finished off the look for me. I love this bodysuit, I can't wait to dress up with the others now! 

How do you guys wear bodysuits?

Sunday Snaps #19

Instagram: CallieKazumi

'Work' for WonderlandWigs // Lots of gymming & getting stronger :) //
Missguided Bodysuit // Nail art wheel //
My jar of good things 2013 :) // Bodysuits <3

Caradelevingne// timelessmichael // maddz0

Sunday Snaps #18

Monday, 17 June 2013
Instagram: CallieRobertson

New board // Tired gym bunny // Wee Oscar //
Work selfie // Wigs for work // Nail art wheel :) //
Hamster fun // My Papi, Happy Fathers Day to all dads! // Shameless selfie //
Gymming lots and wigging lots (not at the same time) // Intering @ Edinburgh // Thug life chose us

llymlrs// Westonamac //SamHrachovec//

Beauty is on the outside, but Booty is on the inside.

Friday, 14 June 2013
This week I have noticed Company Magazine discussing an interesting topic on Twitter - Do we prefer comfy, cheaper lingerie, or more expensive, matching underwear sets?

I've thought about this for a while now and it is obvious there is only one clear answer for me. The pricier, matching sets. Perhaps one week a month I would prefer comfort - medal to the genius who guesses what this one week a month is - but for the rest of my year I like to have beautiful lingerie.

source - weheartit.

Obviously, no one except my boyfriend will see it. And even then, that's a rarity as I'm always blogging or Tumbrling or doing something else which involves minimal human interaction and contact. Lucky guy, I know. So why bother splashing out for an expensive set when nobody really appreciates it? Simple. I appreciate it. It makes my body look better. It makes me feel better to get up in the morning and put on a nice set of underwear. If I feel sad, I go shopping and buy one of two (very different) fail-safe 'happy' items : Lingerie, or stationery. (Sending me into Paperchase is like sending a starving man into Waitrose.

More expensive lingerie lasts longer, keeps it shape better, and keeps my shape better! Fending off indefinite sagging, and for these reasons, I'd rather drop a pretty penny than keep forking out for standard underwear which goes out of shape after a few rides in the washing machine. I shudder at the thought of those £1 bras at Poundworld.

My favourite? B by Ted Baker.
Every single piece of Ted Baker lingerie is a dream come true. One day, when I am very wealthy and glamorous (note I said when, and not 'if.' It's going to happen,) I shall have an entire section of my wardrobe for my underwear, which will  be entirely Ted Baker. It doesn't break the bank either, with nice sales at Debenhams making it even more pleasant for the pocket at around £25 for a set.
They're feminine, flirty, and fun. Other stores to check out would be Boux Avenue and  Victoria's Secret (if you can afford the horrific postage.) I even find myself drawn to the beautiful lacy bras with no padding in the Granny section. They look vintage and the lack of padding makes me look thinner in certain tops. (Some days you want massive breasticles, sometimes you want none. That's just the way it is. Never happy with your own set.)

Confidence starts with how you feel about yourself, why wear a fabulous outfit if you don't look or feel amazing underneath too? And even the shopping is fun, as usual they come in fancy boxes with sprinkles and confetti and unicorns and the laugh of a child packed inside for you to rip open when you get home.

What do you guys prefer when it comes to underwear? Comfort and practicality or pricey and matching?

The Uggsly Truth About Comfortable Shoes.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013
Disclaimer - All views here are merely my own opinion. Each to their own style of course! If you love it, you can rock it!

The other day I went to a friend's to watch a film, and was greeted by a horrific sight. He opened the door and I was face to face with a pair of Uggs.
"What are those on your feet?!" I had asked incredulously.
His reasoning was "They're comfy! Like slippers!"

Now, I know this will be a controversial topic but I am not a fan of Ugg Boots in general, but much less on the male counterpart. I found myself thinking, is it more important to go for comfort or style? (Much like my heel height dilemma post.) I stopped for a minute to think about what the most comfortable shoes around are. Uggs, obviously. That sweet, soft sheepskin that slips on like silk. Plus the snuggly warmth making them the perfect go-to shoe for the winter. And for the summer? Crocs. *Shudder.*

Are they ugly? To be fair, Uggs are not necessarily ugly. They just aren't particularly nice looking. And the horrible cheap Ugg knock-offs have given them a bad name and now they just don't look like something stylish. If you look at Uggs now, you think comfort, or warmth, as opposed to style.
As for crocs. Are they ugly? Yes. Yes they are and nothing you say will convince me otherwise. This hideousness is only emphasised by the ridiculous pins you can get to stick into them. Unless you are 5 years old or have the second name Louboutin, you should not be sticking anything onto your shoes for decoration.

So why do people wear them? For the comfort! Is there a more stylish alternative? Are we able to think 'let's go for comfortable and shoe candy today!"?

My best friend swears by Clarks, and for someone with arthritis at such a young age, comfort is crucial!
I had a wee look on the website and chose my three favourite picks (of course two were leopard print...) And then, look what I found!
Leopard Print Crocs?! Yep. Not sure I would wear them necessarily, but they are better than the standard croc at any rate.

I have come to the conclusion that to have comfort it usually involves the use of certain materials, which in general are considered ugly and unfashionable footwear (such as fleece or plastic.) The more 'beautiful' footwear materials such as fresh leather, and sometimes even wood, is much less comfortable. (Apart from Clogs. But they are ugly too. Sorry Sweden, just not my taste!)

What do you think of Uggs and Crocs? Do you own them? Do you wear them for comfort or style? What is your go-to comfort shoe?

Crop Tops and Leather

Monday, 10 June 2013
Trousers - Primark // Creepers - NewLook // Jacket - Thrifted // Hoodie - Topshop // Crop Top - Topshop

The crazy trousers return! I wanted to experiment with wearing them alongside something other than black, which seems the obvious go-to colour when you have something this garish. I found this studded crop top in the Oxford Circus Topshop sale, and had to do a bit of cheeky DIY on the super ridiculously long straps. Half an hour and four plasters later, I had successfully shortened them. My textiles teacher would be ashamed of me. I can only apologise Miss Nameless. (I've forgotten her name. It's been a good few years since I did textiles at school. 5 to be precise.) 

I usually am not a fan of crop tops, because I don't like having my belly flesh out. I feel a bit revealing. But I thought I'd be a bit risque for a change, especially as I was going to be sitting behind a nail bar all day so nobody would actually see my flashy stomach skin. I toughened it up a bit with my creepers, and then paired that with the leather jacket to cover myself up a bit for the walk to work.

I also decided to embrace the 90s trends, and went into Claire's for a hair scrunchie. They had a 3 for 2 on all hair products so I got 6 scrunchies (including a leopard print one, hurrah!) for not very much money at all. They come in sets of two. There are lots of colours. It is all very magical.
I remember at school I had a hair scrunchie that looked like a hippo and I loved it and wore it every day because it made me feel like I had a little pet hippo that lived in my hair. I think I still have it somewhere back home, I will have to have a good search and see if I can find her. It will be a joy to behold for everyone involved if she resurfaces.

What would you wear with these crazy trousers? Or would you just run for the hills and avoid them all together? I can't say I would blame you. 

Sunday Snaps #17

Sunday, 9 June 2013
Instagram: CallieKazumi

Fashion Interning // Pizza post-flat moving! // Being my attractive self // 
Wee Oscar having a treat // Thea & I being our gangster selves // A warm sunny week! //
Loved this book so much, even more as it was from Matt // Reverse Titanic // Me and my homegirl, Amy Winehouse

thebeautycrush // rickyleerichards // graceoliviababy

Ps. I have a new Tumblr where I will be posting my daily observations, so find that one here! x

Wardrobe of a Fashion Intern - OOTD

Coat - Miss Selfridge // Jumper - Topshop // Hat - Missguided 

For my second day in Edinburgh this is the outfit I decided to wear. I was inspired by an asian girl I saw walking through town (I've noticed they tend to be either extremely well dressed or extremely poorly dressed? At my uni anyway.) She had combined Japanese street style with some British trends and had basically thrown on a fantastic jumper over a tight bodycon, and I realised I had this strapless dress from ages ago which I never wear. And this outfit was born. 

The outfit itself was quite plain, so as you can see I jazzed it up with a plethora of accessories. My go-to hat is my Missguided bowler, I then wore a statement necklace from newlook, a big rose gold watch from Claires (Yes, Claire's!!) , some rings from Topshop and Miss Selfridge and a bold lip. (MAC, Rebel.)
The sun is definitely still out to play in Scotland so I grabbed my Rayban rip offs from Primarni. Only the best. £1 well spent my dears.

And we all know I love a jazzy shoe, so I took some leopard print laces from Schuh and laced them into my plain black wedge boots from New Look, my favourite heels. So comfortable to walk in and a perfect height to avoid teetering. (Have you all read my post on heel height yet?! )

I've done a video this week for you guys as I've been betraying Youtube recently - I've been super busy and moved flat this weekend! Exciting times ahead! Although I can't find a good place to do outfit posts in the new flat so I don't know how long you will have to wait for new ones! :(

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