Beauty is on the outside, but Booty is on the inside.

Friday, 14 June 2013
This week I have noticed Company Magazine discussing an interesting topic on Twitter - Do we prefer comfy, cheaper lingerie, or more expensive, matching underwear sets?

I've thought about this for a while now and it is obvious there is only one clear answer for me. The pricier, matching sets. Perhaps one week a month I would prefer comfort - medal to the genius who guesses what this one week a month is - but for the rest of my year I like to have beautiful lingerie.

source - weheartit.

Obviously, no one except my boyfriend will see it. And even then, that's a rarity as I'm always blogging or Tumbrling or doing something else which involves minimal human interaction and contact. Lucky guy, I know. So why bother splashing out for an expensive set when nobody really appreciates it? Simple. I appreciate it. It makes my body look better. It makes me feel better to get up in the morning and put on a nice set of underwear. If I feel sad, I go shopping and buy one of two (very different) fail-safe 'happy' items : Lingerie, or stationery. (Sending me into Paperchase is like sending a starving man into Waitrose.

More expensive lingerie lasts longer, keeps it shape better, and keeps my shape better! Fending off indefinite sagging, and for these reasons, I'd rather drop a pretty penny than keep forking out for standard underwear which goes out of shape after a few rides in the washing machine. I shudder at the thought of those £1 bras at Poundworld.

My favourite? B by Ted Baker.
Every single piece of Ted Baker lingerie is a dream come true. One day, when I am very wealthy and glamorous (note I said when, and not 'if.' It's going to happen,) I shall have an entire section of my wardrobe for my underwear, which will  be entirely Ted Baker. It doesn't break the bank either, with nice sales at Debenhams making it even more pleasant for the pocket at around £25 for a set.
They're feminine, flirty, and fun. Other stores to check out would be Boux Avenue and  Victoria's Secret (if you can afford the horrific postage.) I even find myself drawn to the beautiful lacy bras with no padding in the Granny section. They look vintage and the lack of padding makes me look thinner in certain tops. (Some days you want massive breasticles, sometimes you want none. That's just the way it is. Never happy with your own set.)

Confidence starts with how you feel about yourself, why wear a fabulous outfit if you don't look or feel amazing underneath too? And even the shopping is fun, as usual they come in fancy boxes with sprinkles and confetti and unicorns and the laugh of a child packed inside for you to rip open when you get home.

What do you guys prefer when it comes to underwear? Comfort and practicality or pricey and matching?

3 comments on "Beauty is on the outside, but Booty is on the inside."
  1. Matching! I am just like you, stationary shopping or underwear shopping when feeling down. Paperchase brightens my day.

    There is nothing better than being stuck in work uniform however knowing you have matching underwear underneath which is simply beyond sexy.

    Doctors, come to me!

  2. I prefer comfortable matchy and averagely priced!
    I feel like ann summer do nice ones
    S xx

  3. I only prefer that lingerie which gives me a full comfort. For that it is necessary to buy a perfect stuff. Stuff in lingerie plays an important role. Your dreams come true, if you buy right lingerie. Some people prefer matching undergarments this also a good option if you want to increase your beauty. For more information check out here-


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