Crop Tops and Leather

Monday, 10 June 2013
Trousers - Primark // Creepers - NewLook // Jacket - Thrifted // Hoodie - Topshop // Crop Top - Topshop

The crazy trousers return! I wanted to experiment with wearing them alongside something other than black, which seems the obvious go-to colour when you have something this garish. I found this studded crop top in the Oxford Circus Topshop sale, and had to do a bit of cheeky DIY on the super ridiculously long straps. Half an hour and four plasters later, I had successfully shortened them. My textiles teacher would be ashamed of me. I can only apologise Miss Nameless. (I've forgotten her name. It's been a good few years since I did textiles at school. 5 to be precise.) 

I usually am not a fan of crop tops, because I don't like having my belly flesh out. I feel a bit revealing. But I thought I'd be a bit risque for a change, especially as I was going to be sitting behind a nail bar all day so nobody would actually see my flashy stomach skin. I toughened it up a bit with my creepers, and then paired that with the leather jacket to cover myself up a bit for the walk to work.

I also decided to embrace the 90s trends, and went into Claire's for a hair scrunchie. They had a 3 for 2 on all hair products so I got 6 scrunchies (including a leopard print one, hurrah!) for not very much money at all. They come in sets of two. There are lots of colours. It is all very magical.
I remember at school I had a hair scrunchie that looked like a hippo and I loved it and wore it every day because it made me feel like I had a little pet hippo that lived in my hair. I think I still have it somewhere back home, I will have to have a good search and see if I can find her. It will be a joy to behold for everyone involved if she resurfaces.

What would you wear with these crazy trousers? Or would you just run for the hills and avoid them all together? I can't say I would blame you. 

4 comments on "Crop Tops and Leather"
  1. I bloody love these trousers! I almost brought them the other day, might have to go back for them ;) Great look x

  2. I lvoe that crop top, you look amazing xo

  3. Wow ! Cool look ! Love it ! I follow you now !

  4. I love this look, you pull off the trousers so well- such a quirky look and definitely something I'd wear.
    Your have such a lovely blog.
    I hope you're well?
    Laura xx


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