Hand Tattoo Discrimination

Friday, 28 June 2013
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Today's post is a bit different. When I say 'hand tattoo discrimination', I'm sure for the most part you think of the elder generation, the work place, etc. This post is actually about hand tattoo discrimination, in tattoo parlours. What is this world coming to!

I just underwent an experience which has to be frank, peeved me off. (I actually used stronger language when describing the experience to my flatmate but for the purpose of this post we will stick to peeved.) I have wanted finger tattoos for a long time. I've thought about it for a substantial length of time, and come to the conclusion alongside my parents, that any career path I go down will be more creative than professional, and tattoos on display will not affect my chances of employment for what I want to do. Obviously if I was wanting to be a lawyer or a doctor or a businesswoman or a nun it would be a different story. In today's society tattoos are becoming the norm, with everyone and their mother having one. (I still cringe at badly done ones. I'd rather be a blank canvas than covered in drunken house party errors.)

Today I decided to just take the plunge and go for it. I went to my first choice of studio in my town, Lab Monkey, but they were shut. Out of curiosity I went down the road to another, Infamous Ink despite not liking the atmosphere in there on previous occasions. There is nothing worse than going into a studio and feeling patronised. I asked if they did walk ins, and explained what I wanted done. (I prefer walk ins to appointments because I don't have time to psych myself up and can just do it when I feel brave.) The girl simply responded with 'We won't do your hands if you aren't already heavily tattooed.'

Source - Weheartit.com

Right. I understand some people may say this is a sign of a good studio, and say it reflects that they care about the customer, but I disagree. These are the reasons why:
1. She could have explained the implications of hand tattoos for me, told me to think about it and come back. This would have been quite reasonable and I would think of them as very professional. Instead I had no option. I am not already 'heavily tattooed' so I cannot have my hands done.
2. I am fully aware of the implications and am going forwards with this decision, it's no loss for me I'll just go back up the road and get it done there.
3. She judged me based on my appearance, that I was not already 'heavily tattooed.' For all she knows I could have lifted my top and had two full sleeves and a chest piece. I wish I had just to make her look stupid.
4. What constitutes 'heavily?'
5. We complain about tattoo discrimination in the work place, where at times it is reasonable. Discrimination in a parlour is ridiculous. I was judged on my appearance as someone who had no clue what I wanted or was talking about and told straight out 'no.' with no real reason given. Is it only people with their necks and legs covered that can get their hands done? I wasn't asking for a full on hand piece, just a tiny bit on my finger. Coverable by a ring. 'Totes ridic' as my flatmate would say.

The whole situation and lack of choice for customers is ridiculous, they are judging anyone who isn't visibly covered to be someone who has no clue what they are talking about when it comes to tattoo's. I currently have 4 pieces, 3 more planned (two of which are of substantial size.) For someone to take a look at me (I was dressed to go to the gym and probably looked about 12) and decide that I wasn't capable of making a decision regarding what to do with my own body is ridiculous.

So thanks for that, I'll be heading back to good old Lab Monkey when they open and never stepping foot in Infamous Ink again. Ya wench.

3 comments on "Hand Tattoo Discrimination"
  1. I agree with what you're saying - they should feel proud that you're trusting them to tattoo you like this! xo

  2. What an idiot! Well it's their loss for losing the business and your custom. I think it's ridiculous that they judged you as soon as they saw you, looks like you had a lucky escape though!

  3. I have never heard of such a thing! Thanks for sharing.


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