Super Kawaii - Toykyo Street Style

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

When I was around 13, 14, I was totally fascinated by Japan, particularly Tokyo, It wasn’t so much the culture, but the fashion and lifestyle of the people. In art class I found a book called Fruits, which was basically a compilation of Japanese street style. I thought it was incredible and horrific, weird and quirky, fun and ridiculous all at once. I based my GCSE art piece on Japanese style, and my parents got me the Fruits book for my birthday. (I still have it.)

With my Mother being Japanese I think my parent’s kind of thought my interest was ‘cute’, especially after a ridiculously long Pokemon fandom. (Don’t worry guys – still not long enough to know more than the 150 originals!) On arriving at university I noticed a LOT of Asian students dressing incredibly well. It rekindled my interest in Japanese street style, and I had a cheeky peek online.

I noticed a lot of what we pull together in the Western world is going on over in Japan – but everything is exaggerated. I don’t know whether we take it from them or they take it from us, where do the catwalks start? But I do know that everything we do – they do bigger and better.

They revel in ridiculously oversized clothes, with sunglasses and hair, the bigger the better. The higher the shoes the taller and more willowy they look. (Asians seem to be gifted with smaller bone structures in general so they all look teeny tiny, complete with long Bambi limbs. Oh the jealousy.) They accessorize with crazy things that look like they come from the kids section of Claire’s Accessories  - and pull it off. It’s childish and bold all at once. And they do not shy away from prints, think Lady Gaga cross OFWGKTA with a hint of crazy old cat lady.

 They put together outfits we wouldn’t even dream of. They pair things together we would never even think to partner. And if we did we would probably get sneered at in the conservative British streets. I’ve pulled together a couple of my favourite outfits from They are definitely some of the tamer outfits, but I would recommend having a look at the site and seeing just how crazy some of them are! 

I like these outfits the most as well because you can see where Tokyo street style overlaps with London street style – they have worn things we would wear here in these pictures, but somehow they’ve accessorized the outfits in a way that we don’t seem to think of doing here in the UK. I hope we Brits get more daring with our style and take a leaf out of Tokyo’s books sometime soon!

What do you guys think of Japanese street style?

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  1. I think Japanese street style is really creative! I sometimes wish that our shops stored more bold statement pieces that were wearable out and about that didn't get you sneered at!

    Good post! :)


  2. these outfits are all amazing! especially love the shoes they're wearing <3

  3. Oh i'm exactly the same
    I feel liek they all dress amazingly and so uniquely
    S xx


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