The Uggsly Truth About Comfortable Shoes.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013
Disclaimer - All views here are merely my own opinion. Each to their own style of course! If you love it, you can rock it!

The other day I went to a friend's to watch a film, and was greeted by a horrific sight. He opened the door and I was face to face with a pair of Uggs.
"What are those on your feet?!" I had asked incredulously.
His reasoning was "They're comfy! Like slippers!"

Now, I know this will be a controversial topic but I am not a fan of Ugg Boots in general, but much less on the male counterpart. I found myself thinking, is it more important to go for comfort or style? (Much like my heel height dilemma post.) I stopped for a minute to think about what the most comfortable shoes around are. Uggs, obviously. That sweet, soft sheepskin that slips on like silk. Plus the snuggly warmth making them the perfect go-to shoe for the winter. And for the summer? Crocs. *Shudder.*

Are they ugly? To be fair, Uggs are not necessarily ugly. They just aren't particularly nice looking. And the horrible cheap Ugg knock-offs have given them a bad name and now they just don't look like something stylish. If you look at Uggs now, you think comfort, or warmth, as opposed to style.
As for crocs. Are they ugly? Yes. Yes they are and nothing you say will convince me otherwise. This hideousness is only emphasised by the ridiculous pins you can get to stick into them. Unless you are 5 years old or have the second name Louboutin, you should not be sticking anything onto your shoes for decoration.

So why do people wear them? For the comfort! Is there a more stylish alternative? Are we able to think 'let's go for comfortable and shoe candy today!"?

My best friend swears by Clarks, and for someone with arthritis at such a young age, comfort is crucial!
I had a wee look on the website and chose my three favourite picks (of course two were leopard print...) And then, look what I found!
Leopard Print Crocs?! Yep. Not sure I would wear them necessarily, but they are better than the standard croc at any rate.

I have come to the conclusion that to have comfort it usually involves the use of certain materials, which in general are considered ugly and unfashionable footwear (such as fleece or plastic.) The more 'beautiful' footwear materials such as fresh leather, and sometimes even wood, is much less comfortable. (Apart from Clogs. But they are ugly too. Sorry Sweden, just not my taste!)

What do you think of Uggs and Crocs? Do you own them? Do you wear them for comfort or style? What is your go-to comfort shoe?

2 comments on "The Uggsly Truth About Comfortable Shoes."
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  2. I have a pair of Uggs and I like them but the fake ones are awful! I don't wear them a lot now as a chiropodist said that they are awful for the feet and knees as they offer no support x


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