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Sunday Snaps #24

Sunday, 28 July 2013

 Instagram: CallieKazumi

Draco's 1st Swim // Big Hair Don't Care // Funniest Card Omg //
Brighton // Timeless Panda Tee // Wee Draco //
Breakfast Smoothie // Sleepy Bub // New Kicks//

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Oh, Lovely Brighton

Saturday, 27 July 2013
When not at uni, my residence is just in between London and Brighton. Brighton is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I will always choose it to go shopping over London. The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, everyone is polite and the city radiates liberal attitude. It's artistic and unique, everyone is themselves and nobody judges. And the shopping is fantastic, with amazing boutiques and thrift stores down the Lanes. Plus I love the street art.

I found a store called Offspring, which is a trainers store owned by the same company that owns Office. As a massive shoe lover I was a bit confused about why I hadn't been inside it before and popped in. I felt like a starved dog thrown into a butchers.

After a lot of pondering, I came to the decision to purchase the most amazing pair of shoes I have ever laid my eyes upon... :

Just kidding. Not them. I told my boyfriend I bought them and his response was "Are you joking?" Thankfully, yes. Although sneaker fiends worldwide might sell their right limb to have these weird camo bear boots, I am not someone who would enjoy wearing those on my feet. 

No, what I got were the new Nike Air Max's in Liberty Print. The only stores stocking them are Nike, Offspring and Office. I had seen them in Edinburgh Office a few weeks ago and was told they were so coveted that everywhere in London had sold out and as a result of this not even staff were allowed to purchase them.

The £105 price tag put me off. HOWEVER I got £100 for my 21st very kindly from my Nana, so I went online to try and find them. Alas, Nike was indeed sold out of all sizes. So when I found them in Offspring and also got a nice £12 off for being a student, my day was made. I think they are beautiful and will probably do an OOTD post with them soon :) 

I also came home to find my friend who owns Timeless clothing had send me a batch of products to try out! So I am SUPER excited for that and can't wait to use them for an OOTD! I had a dream that I was wearing their Panda tee but it was pink, and I had told Michael about it when I woke up. He actually made it for me which is so crazy I feel like I'm dreaming the future or something.  

Where's your favourite place to shop?

KarmaLoop WishList

Tuesday, 23 July 2013
After seeing Tasha Greens Youtube haul, I realised how much stuff I want from Karmaloop, so I made this wishlist. Karmaloop - feel free to send me any of these I'll pay you in virtual hugs as I have no money, thanks!

Flud Pantone Watch in Leopard and Black - As I'm a top bird, I always check out the mens section for potential boyfriend gifts. I'd get this watch for Matt - we both are fans of leopard print (I couldn't be with a man who didn't appreciate a good spotted print) and the minimalist face is up his street.

Neff Watch in MultiSpeckle - I'd get myself this watch because it's sick, and reminds me of the 90's. What a beautiful era that graced us with Fresh Prince, Saved by The Bell, and of course, Dexters Laboratory.

LimeCrime lipstick in Posionberry - Sweet Jesus there is a Unicorn on this lipstick package. Lipsticks + Unicorns = Perfect Product. My two favourite items all rolled into one, and I love a nice dark lipstick so the colour is sweet too.

Nila Anthony Transparent Tote Bag - This is gorgeous. Transparent is on trend right now, (Zara had some awesome transparent neon clutches in this season), and the studs on the bottom are the deal breaker for me. I'd use this bag as a formal event bag with a twist. Think monochrome outfit with a pop of colour.

The Weed Legging - These leggings are dope. (Hold back your roars of laughter at that fantastic pun.) I'd pair them with a baggy black strappy camisole top and some cutout boots.

What is your favourite store?

Sunday Snaps #22/23 - Birthday Edition!

Sunday, 21 July 2013
 Instagram: CallieKazumi

Enjoying a cider whilst cooking Matt Dinner // Baby Draco <3 // New Buddy //
Birthday haul // Climbed a mountain // Sunbathing // 
Zara bag is Draco sized! // Me being bare hilair with my parents birthday cards // 90s party //
Birthday chocolate is guilt free chocolate // Birthday selfie // Healthy Days //
Home for the summer // Chanel 21 Rivoli // Me and my boy //

shewearsfashion // monikh // bethanynoelm

Top Ten Lipstick Picks

Friday, 19 July 2013
As most of you know by now, I am a bit of a lipstick fiend! So I thought I would pull together for you guys a selection of my favourite ten, from various different shades and brands so there should be something for everyone hopefully!
I hope you guys enjoy it, and watch the video for an exciting announcement at the end!!!

Left to right: Mac -Ruby Woo // Natural Collection - Cherry Red // Natural Collection - Sheer Natural / / Coco Chanel - Rivoli

 Mac - Rebel // Maybelline - Fuchsia Flash // Mac - Viva Glam // Mac - Lickable

 Sleek - Exxxaggerate // Mac - Pink Plaid

What's your favourite?

The Hilarity of old year books.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

On returning home for the summer I have found all my old yearbooks. This has turned out to be a rather hilarious and morbid affair, so I thought I would share some of the messages with you. I won’t lie, some of them have really touched me. People I didn’t expect I would be friends with 5 years down the line I am still friends with, and likewise, people I thought I would always be close with drifted away as soon as I left school. It’s odd how much you remember. On seeing two messages, both signed ‘Em’ from 2005, I still remember the handwriting to know which Em was which.
Either way, here are some of the funnier ones.

2004 – Second Year at school – I never did signings first year because my picture was too ugly.

The Girl You Didn’t Like Or Want To Sign Who Jumped Your Book Anyway:
“Hi Caroline, Remember me all your life and have a gr8 one. Luv * Name *  xx””
(Unfortunately I do still remember her, and still don’t really like her.)

The Complimenter.
“Hi Caroline, Ur Funny. Luv Amy “
(Other fine compliments from this year included ‘ur Funky.‘u rok lots and lots’ and “U is a brillo m8y”.)

The 40 Year Old Man Trapped In A 13 Year Olds Body.
“Hi Caroline, Best in the future, Will.”


The Closet Gay:
“To Kaz, Great hair! Lol Joe.”

The Creeper:
“I know where u live! From Elf.”
(Nobody in my year was called Elf. They drew an Elf next to the note. I still don’t know who did this.)

The Clue Giver:
“Hey Caz, You are a gr8 friend, hope elf doesn’t eat you! Amy xxx”

The Not-So-Bitter Friend:
“Sup Sup Caroline. Even though you dumped * Ex Name* your still kool & very unique. Be kool and all that jazz. * Name * “

The Backhanded Compliment:
“When I first saw you I thought you were from a mental home, now I realize your gay. (Love u really.)”

The Awkward Sexual Inuenndo:
“Hello Female Me, I know what u did last summer! Watched Steph give head to Danny D.”
(This didn’t happen.  Just to clarify.)


The Deep Poet:
“Life’s about taking chances to find happiness. I hope you find yours. J * Name * xxx”
(He obviously planned this and wrote it in everyone’s book to look philosophical.”

The Prince Charming with the Smooth Tongue:
“Dear Kaz, I have known you for 4 years and still wanna have your babies. Chris.”

The awkward joker:
“You’re a great shag LOL. Lov Josh."
(I was definitely very much virginial at this point still so not sure where this came from.)

The Scrapper:
“Kaz! You are about the ony person who I can attack without it getting out of hand or with regret. We could make a scene anywhere. You’re an awesome friend! THE BEST. X Ro-z x “

The Rapist-To-Be:
“Kazakhstan,  what up, BRUP! So we gotta have hot naked llama sex, mmmm, that feels good. Sex sex sex sex!!!!!! Matt”

2008 – Graduation year

The Dramatic:
“Kaaaaz! I shall miss YOOOOU! And I shall cry, we are no onger having sexytime! L sad. I love you!!! * Name * xxxxxxxxxx “
(Someone I have never spoken to since 2008, who I can’t honestly remember being very good friends with in school either. )

The ‘Don’t Forget My Last Name’
(His name was Wayne Davies.

The Mystery Man:
“Hey, Good Luck. X”

Castle Thai Spa

Monday, 15 July 2013
 Top - thrifted // Jeans - Primark // Glasses - Primark // Bag - Asos

First thing is first, apologies for the lack of blogging! I was away for my birthday weekend! (Post to come soon, and a birthday haul if you all want!)

I was contacted by Castle Thai Spa to see if I wanted a free hour massage (is that even a legitimate question?) and as it was my birthday weekend (super convenient as I was spending it in Edinburgh with my manfriend anyway) they kindly let me try the couples session. We received an hour long thai massage together which usually retails at £90.

We had never had a massage before so I wasn't really sure what to expect from the experience. The building itself is lovely inside, it's very dark with amazing scents burning and relaxing music playing. The place comes across as totally authentic rather than as one of those rip-offs where most of the staff aren't even thai and just pretend to be. We were taken in to a little room with two mattress' on the floor and given some light clothes to put on. (I'm glad it didn't end up being a naked oily massage affair!) When I told my dad I had been offered a free massage with Matt his response had been "Isn't that a bit kinky?!" and when I had snorted "ew dad, no! It's to de-tense us and get out our knots and stuff" he had selectively heard "get out our nuts" and the whole conversation got very awkward on my part and hilarious on his.

We were massaged by two of the sweetest and adorable little thai ladies I have ever met. They were super polite and professional the whole way through, which is more than I can say for myself. Turns out my thighs are pretty ticklish and at one point I couldn't hold it in and ended up erupting in laughter. The massage itself was good, they asked how strong I wanted it and I went for a medium. It pretty much involved a lot of deep kneading, some stretching and being climbed on. At one point Matt was literally being jumped on top of. Some parts were a bit painful during, but they didn't last long and afterwards felt amazing. We felt super loose and ache-free.

The whole experience was a really nice novelty, and for me the staff really made it a nice event. The ladies who worked with us were just so adorable I cannot even explain. I wanted to take them home with me. They were happy to be there which always makes something more enjoyable, I would hate to go and feel like I was a burden or like they couldn't be bothered to be there. I would go back if I could and I think it would make a really nice and unique gift. It was the perfect start to a great weekend I had!

Have you guys ever been massaged before?

Sunday Snaps #21

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jackson & I // OOTD // Night in with the Transformers box set (y) //
Picnic // Featured on KatesWardrobex // Dumyat //
Painting for Pretty Sicklys feature on my blog // Last day interning means food //  Dumyat//
Acrylics I did this week // My beautiful best friend // More acrylics yo.

prettysickly // josesh // tamzlolz//

Blogger Love: PrettySickly

First I would like to aplogise for my immense lack of blogging. The current situation is that Orange are messing me about and as a result I have gone one month without any wifi at my new flat. (Hold back the gasps of horror ladies!)
This means if I am ever online it is because I have emerged from my wifi-less crack den into the real world and am using wifi at a coffee shop. How romantic.

I haven't been very exciting by way of dressing this week so unfortunately OOTD posts are not in order (Look out for next week it's my birthday and I will have LOTS of posts and OOTD's for you :) )
What I did decide to bring you was a feature on a favourite blogger of mine.

I have recently discovered Baitong from Idressmyselff, and have totally fallen in love.

Her style is urban street style, casual and classy all at once. Her tattoo's are sick and her personality is adorable. I can't get enough of her Youtube channel!
Her shoe collection is enough to make Carrie Bradshaw weep in envy and her pins would make Riri run to the gym in sudden motivation. Girl Crush alert.

I decided I wanted her to be my first Blogger Love post because I haven't found a blogger before her who has hit so close to home in what my ideal outfit is. Every blogger tends to have their own quirky style or way of putting things together, but every outfit she puts on I can't flaw and wouldn't change on me - it's my ideal wardrobe! Hopefully I'll bump into her in London one day but until then this post will have to suffice my weird 1D style fandom for her style. And I painted a picture, because her hair was pink at once point and that's awesome.

Who is your favourite blogger?

3 Minute Makeup Challenge: VIDEO

Monday, 1 July 2013
I saw this tag going around Youtube and thought it looked fun, and I am trying to build my channel (subscribe folks! ;) ) so I thought I would give it a go.

I am easily stressed out and flustered, can you tell?!

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