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Sunday, 7 July 2013
First I would like to aplogise for my immense lack of blogging. The current situation is that Orange are messing me about and as a result I have gone one month without any wifi at my new flat. (Hold back the gasps of horror ladies!)
This means if I am ever online it is because I have emerged from my wifi-less crack den into the real world and am using wifi at a coffee shop. How romantic.

I haven't been very exciting by way of dressing this week so unfortunately OOTD posts are not in order (Look out for next week it's my birthday and I will have LOTS of posts and OOTD's for you :) )
What I did decide to bring you was a feature on a favourite blogger of mine.

I have recently discovered Baitong from Idressmyselff, and have totally fallen in love.

Her style is urban street style, casual and classy all at once. Her tattoo's are sick and her personality is adorable. I can't get enough of her Youtube channel!
Her shoe collection is enough to make Carrie Bradshaw weep in envy and her pins would make Riri run to the gym in sudden motivation. Girl Crush alert.

I decided I wanted her to be my first Blogger Love post because I haven't found a blogger before her who has hit so close to home in what my ideal outfit is. Every blogger tends to have their own quirky style or way of putting things together, but every outfit she puts on I can't flaw and wouldn't change on me - it's my ideal wardrobe! Hopefully I'll bump into her in London one day but until then this post will have to suffice my weird 1D style fandom for her style. And I painted a picture, because her hair was pink at once point and that's awesome.

Who is your favourite blogger?

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