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Monday, 15 July 2013
 Top - thrifted // Jeans - Primark // Glasses - Primark // Bag - Asos

First thing is first, apologies for the lack of blogging! I was away for my birthday weekend! (Post to come soon, and a birthday haul if you all want!)

I was contacted by Castle Thai Spa to see if I wanted a free hour massage (is that even a legitimate question?) and as it was my birthday weekend (super convenient as I was spending it in Edinburgh with my manfriend anyway) they kindly let me try the couples session. We received an hour long thai massage together which usually retails at £90.

We had never had a massage before so I wasn't really sure what to expect from the experience. The building itself is lovely inside, it's very dark with amazing scents burning and relaxing music playing. The place comes across as totally authentic rather than as one of those rip-offs where most of the staff aren't even thai and just pretend to be. We were taken in to a little room with two mattress' on the floor and given some light clothes to put on. (I'm glad it didn't end up being a naked oily massage affair!) When I told my dad I had been offered a free massage with Matt his response had been "Isn't that a bit kinky?!" and when I had snorted "ew dad, no! It's to de-tense us and get out our knots and stuff" he had selectively heard "get out our nuts" and the whole conversation got very awkward on my part and hilarious on his.

We were massaged by two of the sweetest and adorable little thai ladies I have ever met. They were super polite and professional the whole way through, which is more than I can say for myself. Turns out my thighs are pretty ticklish and at one point I couldn't hold it in and ended up erupting in laughter. The massage itself was good, they asked how strong I wanted it and I went for a medium. It pretty much involved a lot of deep kneading, some stretching and being climbed on. At one point Matt was literally being jumped on top of. Some parts were a bit painful during, but they didn't last long and afterwards felt amazing. We felt super loose and ache-free.

The whole experience was a really nice novelty, and for me the staff really made it a nice event. The ladies who worked with us were just so adorable I cannot even explain. I wanted to take them home with me. They were happy to be there which always makes something more enjoyable, I would hate to go and feel like I was a burden or like they couldn't be bothered to be there. I would go back if I could and I think it would make a really nice and unique gift. It was the perfect start to a great weekend I had!

Have you guys ever been massaged before?

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  1. Sounds so amazing!!
    Always really wanted to go for a massage
    S xx


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