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Tuesday, 23 July 2013
After seeing Tasha Greens Youtube haul, I realised how much stuff I want from Karmaloop, so I made this wishlist. Karmaloop - feel free to send me any of these I'll pay you in virtual hugs as I have no money, thanks!

Flud Pantone Watch in Leopard and Black - As I'm a top bird, I always check out the mens section for potential boyfriend gifts. I'd get this watch for Matt - we both are fans of leopard print (I couldn't be with a man who didn't appreciate a good spotted print) and the minimalist face is up his street.

Neff Watch in MultiSpeckle - I'd get myself this watch because it's sick, and reminds me of the 90's. What a beautiful era that graced us with Fresh Prince, Saved by The Bell, and of course, Dexters Laboratory.

LimeCrime lipstick in Posionberry - Sweet Jesus there is a Unicorn on this lipstick package. Lipsticks + Unicorns = Perfect Product. My two favourite items all rolled into one, and I love a nice dark lipstick so the colour is sweet too.

Nila Anthony Transparent Tote Bag - This is gorgeous. Transparent is on trend right now, (Zara had some awesome transparent neon clutches in this season), and the studs on the bottom are the deal breaker for me. I'd use this bag as a formal event bag with a twist. Think monochrome outfit with a pop of colour.

The Weed Legging - These leggings are dope. (Hold back your roars of laughter at that fantastic pun.) I'd pair them with a baggy black strappy camisole top and some cutout boots.

What is your favourite store?

2 comments on "KarmaLoop WishList"
  1. THAT WATCH omg definitely need! xo

  2. Those leggings are so cool
    S xx


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