Oh, Lovely Brighton

Saturday, 27 July 2013
When not at uni, my residence is just in between London and Brighton. Brighton is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I will always choose it to go shopping over London. The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, everyone is polite and the city radiates liberal attitude. It's artistic and unique, everyone is themselves and nobody judges. And the shopping is fantastic, with amazing boutiques and thrift stores down the Lanes. Plus I love the street art.

I found a store called Offspring, which is a trainers store owned by the same company that owns Office. As a massive shoe lover I was a bit confused about why I hadn't been inside it before and popped in. I felt like a starved dog thrown into a butchers.

After a lot of pondering, I came to the decision to purchase the most amazing pair of shoes I have ever laid my eyes upon... :

Just kidding. Not them. I told my boyfriend I bought them and his response was "Are you joking?" Thankfully, yes. Although sneaker fiends worldwide might sell their right limb to have these weird camo bear boots, I am not someone who would enjoy wearing those on my feet. 

No, what I got were the new Nike Air Max's in Liberty Print. The only stores stocking them are Nike, Offspring and Office. I had seen them in Edinburgh Office a few weeks ago and was told they were so coveted that everywhere in London had sold out and as a result of this not even staff were allowed to purchase them.

The £105 price tag put me off. HOWEVER I got £100 for my 21st very kindly from my Nana, so I went online to try and find them. Alas, Nike was indeed sold out of all sizes. So when I found them in Offspring and also got a nice £12 off for being a student, my day was made. I think they are beautiful and will probably do an OOTD post with them soon :) 

I also came home to find my friend who owns Timeless clothing had send me a batch of products to try out! So I am SUPER excited for that and can't wait to use them for an OOTD! I had a dream that I was wearing their Panda tee but it was pink, and I had told Michael about it when I woke up. He actually made it for me which is so crazy I feel like I'm dreaming the future or something.  

Where's your favourite place to shop?

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