Sunday Snaps #22/23 - Birthday Edition!

Sunday, 21 July 2013
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Enjoying a cider whilst cooking Matt Dinner // Baby Draco <3 // New Buddy //
Birthday haul // Climbed a mountain // Sunbathing // 
Zara bag is Draco sized! // Me being bare hilair with my parents birthday cards // 90s party //
Birthday chocolate is guilt free chocolate // Birthday selfie // Healthy Days //
Home for the summer // Chanel 21 Rivoli // Me and my boy //

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2 comments on "Sunday Snaps #22/23 - Birthday Edition!"
  1. ooh i hope you had a looovely bday!
    that chanel lipstick colour looks amazing x

  2. Ahh gosh I sound like such a creep but your dress sense is on point! Love this post...and that's not just because there's food and animals...well yeh it is but still....After reading the fact that you climbed up a mountain I am dragging myself off my seat to go for a jog, not even joking follower bub :-)


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