The Hilarity of old year books.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

On returning home for the summer I have found all my old yearbooks. This has turned out to be a rather hilarious and morbid affair, so I thought I would share some of the messages with you. I won’t lie, some of them have really touched me. People I didn’t expect I would be friends with 5 years down the line I am still friends with, and likewise, people I thought I would always be close with drifted away as soon as I left school. It’s odd how much you remember. On seeing two messages, both signed ‘Em’ from 2005, I still remember the handwriting to know which Em was which.
Either way, here are some of the funnier ones.

2004 – Second Year at school – I never did signings first year because my picture was too ugly.

The Girl You Didn’t Like Or Want To Sign Who Jumped Your Book Anyway:
“Hi Caroline, Remember me all your life and have a gr8 one. Luv * Name *  xx””
(Unfortunately I do still remember her, and still don’t really like her.)

The Complimenter.
“Hi Caroline, Ur Funny. Luv Amy “
(Other fine compliments from this year included ‘ur Funky.‘u rok lots and lots’ and “U is a brillo m8y”.)

The 40 Year Old Man Trapped In A 13 Year Olds Body.
“Hi Caroline, Best in the future, Will.”


The Closet Gay:
“To Kaz, Great hair! Lol Joe.”

The Creeper:
“I know where u live! From Elf.”
(Nobody in my year was called Elf. They drew an Elf next to the note. I still don’t know who did this.)

The Clue Giver:
“Hey Caz, You are a gr8 friend, hope elf doesn’t eat you! Amy xxx”

The Not-So-Bitter Friend:
“Sup Sup Caroline. Even though you dumped * Ex Name* your still kool & very unique. Be kool and all that jazz. * Name * “

The Backhanded Compliment:
“When I first saw you I thought you were from a mental home, now I realize your gay. (Love u really.)”

The Awkward Sexual Inuenndo:
“Hello Female Me, I know what u did last summer! Watched Steph give head to Danny D.”
(This didn’t happen.  Just to clarify.)


The Deep Poet:
“Life’s about taking chances to find happiness. I hope you find yours. J * Name * xxx”
(He obviously planned this and wrote it in everyone’s book to look philosophical.”

The Prince Charming with the Smooth Tongue:
“Dear Kaz, I have known you for 4 years and still wanna have your babies. Chris.”

The awkward joker:
“You’re a great shag LOL. Lov Josh."
(I was definitely very much virginial at this point still so not sure where this came from.)

The Scrapper:
“Kaz! You are about the ony person who I can attack without it getting out of hand or with regret. We could make a scene anywhere. You’re an awesome friend! THE BEST. X Ro-z x “

The Rapist-To-Be:
“Kazakhstan,  what up, BRUP! So we gotta have hot naked llama sex, mmmm, that feels good. Sex sex sex sex!!!!!! Matt”

2008 – Graduation year

The Dramatic:
“Kaaaaz! I shall miss YOOOOU! And I shall cry, we are no onger having sexytime! L sad. I love you!!! * Name * xxxxxxxxxx “
(Someone I have never spoken to since 2008, who I can’t honestly remember being very good friends with in school either. )

The ‘Don’t Forget My Last Name’
(His name was Wayne Davies.

The Mystery Man:
“Hey, Good Luck. X”

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  1. Oh ahha this is such a funny little post
    S xx

  2. Hahahaha! This is hilarious!
    I think Creg sneaked into your school to write you that philosophical post! And who knew that that's what you and Matt get up to ;)



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