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Gym Bunny Haul!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"Sunday" Snaps #25

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
 Instagram: CallieKazumi

Best Film // I said 'smile!' and this happened // My nails this week // 
Gym Bunny - Gym haul to come soon! // Girls Night Out // Mamma's Muffins <3 ///
Still from my recent Youtube vid! // Dog walks // Dem Bedroom Eyez//

abiiiblack// alyshanett // kreayshawn //

What's in my uni bag?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Apologies for the totally unrelated photo, I forgot to take one with my bag haha! Always time for a selfie though. **Lame** Let's all take note of me living up to my asian stereotype with the pose too please.

What are your essentials for academic days in your bag?
Also let me know what vid you want to see next!
Stay flyyy x

Gym Bunny Wishlist

Monday, 19 August 2013

As most of you who read my blog already know, I am quite interested in fitness. I used the word ‘interested’ because I don’t love exercise by any means. I love the feeling afterwards. Sometimes I love the feeling during, if my weight has gone up a size. But for the most part, I’m sweaty and uncomfortable and am wanting to die and go to bed and eat a pizza. Nevertheless, I am interested in it because I like to be fit, I like to look fit, and I love the happy endorphins I get from it which help my anxiety.
Recently I’ve increased my gym trips in an attempt to flatten and tone my belly. I decided to look online for some gymming clothes to update my wardrobe and give me more motivation. Unfortunately I ended up wanting everything on Nike, so I made a wishlist instead.

Items Above:
As you can see these items come to just a measly £147, so if anyone would be so kind as to donate this to me it would be much appreciated. (I'm talking to you, Nike!) 

What do you guys like to wear to work out?

Recent Purchases Through My iPhone Lens.

Sunday, 18 August 2013
Sup Bloggies.

I would like to formally apologise for my unexplained hiatus. I have no wifi. It has been 3 months since I opened a broadband account with EE and we still have no working broadband, if anybody knows a way to get out of a contract without paying cancellation fee do let me know!

I don't know when I will get full broadband back, so I have not been able to blog/ planned any blog posts. So today as a peace offering I give you a few recent purchases through the eyes of Instagram - like a haul post!

These two ramskull pieces were bought at Topshop in the half price jewellery sale. They are definitely unique statement pieces, and I love wearing white jewellery because it's something I had never tried before. Unfortunately the ring broke as soon as we got home (standard crappy Freedom Jewellery quality) but nothing a bit of superglue can't fix.

 Having no wifi has led to spending a lot of time reading. (Currently Stephen Kings guide to writing.) For a nice long bubble bath though I prefer some more chilled out readings. I've been so stressed recently dealing with raising the new puppy that I was in great need of a nice relaxing evening. I picked up Company, which is my favourite magazine. I also picked up Tatler this month because it looked like an interesting issue. Usually I don't go for Tatler or Vogue because it tends to be style over substance (i.e. more pictures than reading) but I did quite enjoy the Teen Tatler freebie issue.  At Lush I got a tester facemask which is unfortunately nameless. It's the one for combination skin though and my skin felt nicely treated afterwards.
I picked up a giant pink bubble bar which was the most beautiful smelling creation I have ever bathed with. (That's saying something.) And lastly a hair mask called H'Suan Wen Hua, which left my hair feeling lovely and conditioned.

I've been testing out nude lips recently which is usually something I like to steer clear of, but I loved the colour Whimsical from the Topshop range, so in my shopping bag that went.

This watch was actually purchased from Argos for £20, and as my boyfriend and I had been eyeing up the Urban Outfitters versions for £40 this was a lovely surprise find. (Rings pictured from left to right are: Thrifted, Topshop , vintage) Excuse the crappy bled tattoo, going for a touch up this week.

These caps were purchased with the intention of wearing them backwards but I havent found a way to do it without looking like a mushroom head yet. They were very cheap, from Ebay here.

Finally, a thrown together OOTD made from more recent purchases. The skirt and top were both from H&M, and together came to about £20 so neither was very expensive. The cutout boots are Miss Selfridge and the glasses were picked up from a thrift stall in Brighton Lanes.

Apologies once again for being MIA, please comment with what post you want to see next, or what Youtube Video you would like me to do next. Your wish is my command!

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