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September Haul!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Apologies to all you lovelies for my lack of posting - I have been dealing with a lot of stress since returning to uni but NEVER FEAR, my anxiety is under control with the help of my lovely Doctor so I am back on the stable!
I'm all settled into my 4th year routine with Matt and our little flat, and wee Draco is almost toilet trained so everything is swell. Except my hair. My hair is not swell. I stripped it and my roots are ginger and I cut it all off so it would grow long and healthy so it looks like shite. Pardon the french.
Fear not, it will grow back and I'll colour it eventually. I might even lighten it.

I usually don't do enough shopping to film a decent sized haul but this month I've accumulated thanks to my student loan, so I hope you guys enjoy seeing what I picked up for A/W13. (And the bloopers!)

Quick Apology

Sunday, 15 September 2013
For the unscheduled leave and absence.

I am delving into my final year at uni and currently my degree has to be a priority, I will blog as soon as inspiration hits, I assure you all.

If there is anything in particular you want to see or want me to write about comment or email and let me know, but until I get back into a uni/gym/dog routine blogging is having to take a back seat for a short while :)

See you all soon

Stylight Wishlist

Thursday, 5 September 2013
I was recently introduced to a website called Stylight. Although I haven't gotten my head round all of it just yet, it strikes me as a website similar to Lookbook except you can actually find and buy the things the bloggers are wearing which saves a lot of searching. Although they have various higher end products, I've compiled a wishlist of my favourite more affordable products.
(Still a student - still poorer than the Greek economy.)

Opening Ceremony Sunglasses
Bam Bam Panther Leotard
Tomshot Feather Necklace
Iron Fist Heels
Wildfox Skeleton Top

I like the website because it's easy to navigate about and I like seeing what people are wearing and how they style things, but the one thing I would change would be to add more variation to the styles and clothes. I found most of them to be designer rather than highstreet and the style is typically quite 'safe'. What I mean by that is - if Stylight was a shop it would probably be Miss Selfridge as opposed to Karmaloop. Good analogy?

I did discover one blogger that stood out from the rest and definitely pushes a quirky style called Agnesska, she has 'liked' loads of awesome products (unfortunately in Euros not pounds as she is based in Germany, sob sob.)

This is my favourite look from her purely because it is a combination of the (in my opinion) best SS13 trends, (monochrome and sports luxe) and her Wang bag is my long lost love.

Check out the site and let me know who your favourite blogger is?

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