A Music Review - Because YOLO.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Recently in class we were to write a music review in 15 minutes after all watching the same clip. This is what I produced.

"Bipolar Sunshine’s ‘Love More Worry Less’ would be better named ‘Love Less, Worry More.’ The song opens with a voice speaking in a low monotone, is it possible to be out of tune when you aren’t even singing? The song continues and I assume the crew picked up some Randoms from the street and threw them together for the background vocalists as they all moan and groan happily out of tune with one another.
As the song continues it becomes clear that they must have used the same auto tune device that paved the way for Rebecca Black to become so famous. This, matched with the lyrical genius of repeating ‘call me if you need someone to lean on’ for the majority of the song sets the (out of) tone for us.
The enchanting pale woman in the video looks a mixture of extremely afraid and slightly confused, as if someone stole her last Rolo. The visuals aren’t all doom and gloom, his shirt looks great for a trip to Hawaii. Of course this is overlooked by the fact his strange hairstyle is skewed to one side and off centre – very distracting. It’s not all bad though, with the song picking up the pace about ¾ of the way through. It actually finishes sounding strangely like Christmas tune, ‘Feed The World’, if it was shit."

I think I should stick to fashion and beauty.
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