Big Cat Bomber

Friday, 18 October 2013

Bomber jackets are something I am a big fan of. I have collected a fair few in my wardrobe, mostly Adidas.  When I checked out the Topshop sale and found this beauty for half price at £25, I had to grab it. It's so crazy!

It has loads of padding on the inside so chuck on a scarf for the winter and you're good to go. (Perhaps not if Scotland keeps getting colder but for now it's a gem.)
It actually really reminds me of something I would see on my Style Crush Of The Moment - Phoebe Lettice. Her style focuses around statement jackets, shoes and sunnies, while keeping her whole vibe pretty retro.
Enter the most insane jacket seen by mankind:

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To end this post, here's Draco. He's big now!

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  1. This is SO cool! I'm loving vintage bombers at the moment - found a cute leaf print one xo


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