Possibly my Favourite Purchase of the YEAR

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Considering I purchased my beloved Air Max this year, I feel this is an extremely bold statement to make. However, I also feel it's justified.

I have this friend called Daisy. She's really cool. As in, she has a blue afro. Yes - That cool. So she turns up at mine in these amazing trainers (we all know I'm a fiend for trainers), and I had to ask where she got them.
Of course, girl code states you should probably ask if you want to purchase the same item as a friend (who is ever snide enough to actually say no to this btw?!) and I ran off to Edinburgh once I got the go-ahead to purchase them. However, as a Sale item, of course they didn't have any left, so I resorted to -God Forbid- online sale browsing. But hurrah! I found them, and the only size left was my size.
So I purchased these beautiful new babies for (this is the best bit, and why they defeat my £105 limited edition Nike's. Drum roll please! Dun dun dun duuuun...) £10!!! Yes, you heard it right. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw when she was at the shoe market in Dubai and couldn't believe anyone would even sell shoes for twenty dollars.

They are from New Look, hurry down to your local and see if they have any left, quick! Paired with my fantabulous new socks from Topshop. Pink and dinosaurs? Yes please.

What's your favourite purchase of the year?

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