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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I love an incentive. I love having a goal to aim for because I get a little treat at the end - call me materialistic. I've been promising myself an expensive new ring for when I stop biting my nails, though I doubt that day will ever come. My teeth seem to find them whatever tactics I use. I've fallen back into my happy gym routine post-freshers week, and lost a bit of alcohol weight which has made me one happy camper.

I've decided I need a shiny new incentive - although I'm not sure what my goal is. I think I'll set it as when I have some abs definition I can get my treat! The treat I've chosen is (despite the poor weather opportunities) a new bikini from Triangl.

I've seen them floating about for a while and think they're so flattering, all the better to show off my new rippling six pack in! (Perhaps less rippling six pack and more conveniently placed shadows due to dodgy tanning.) They're a wee bit more pricey than what I would normally pay for a bikini but I see it as an investment - they'll last much longer than you're average H&M purchase.

I can't decide which colour I like best - the pale blue Santa Rosa Splash, the brighter yellow Phoenix Summer or the baby pink California Coral. Leaning towards the pink or blue - opinions?

(Obviously I will look exactly like this toned tanned model in the bikini.)

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  1. I really really want one of these! The blue ones are gorgeous xo


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