A scarf by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet.

Friday, 22 November 2013
I have done it. I have found the perfect winter scarf. I feel like a chorus of angels should start singing and Beyonce should manifest and ask to be my best friend. It started in a Politics seminar, of all places. There is a boy in my class who is exceptionally beautiful - he looks a bit like a Ken doll (as in Barbie and Ken), only well dressed and more stubbly. So he sauntered in this fine afternoon with an amazing scarf on, which I was of course quick to compliment. Then I did what any sane woman would do in a bid to avoid de-masculating him and asking where it was from. I spent the hour peering at him from all angles, leaning at awkward positions and generally looking a bit like someone suffering from a minor epileptic fit until I caught a glimpse of the label. Ralph Lauren. Of course - no man so well dressed would shop at Primark as I had been hoping.

On coming home I quickly went on the Ralph Lauren website to find the scarf, which didn't take long. Unfortunately I exited the website just as quickly as I had clicked onto it on seeing it cost £75 for a scarf and then I ate my feelings.

However, the very next day I ran to TK Maxx for my Christmas shop (I prefer to call this being thrifty -  not cheap.) I checked the women's scarves in the hopes of finding something similar but to no avail. Then, low and behold, in the men's section I found the holiest of all holies - the very same scarf. For £25! They had other colours too, but I thought this one was the nicest and went with most of the outfits I wore. I honestly could have wept with happiness. The thing I love the best is that whereas one side is tartan (very on trend right now, well done Ralph), the other side is tweed. I am effectively getting two scarves for the price of one, with the reversible sides. Genius. The second thing I love about it is that I feel quite classy wearing it. Let's be honest here, if it wasn't Ralph Lauren this purchase wouldn't be quite as triumphant. A scarf by any other name just wouldn't smell as sweet.

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  1. What an amazing find! This is gorgeous, and looks SO soft xo


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