Chanel Loafer Dupes

Sunday, 22 December 2013
Ever since seeing PrettySickly's Chanel loafers that she picked up in Duty Free, I've wanted a pair. Of course, I can't justify spending £500 on a pair of shoes on my student overdraft, so I pushed my lust to the back of my skull and added it to the list of things I will buy when I become as rich as the Kardashians. I think this shoe is the epitome of what defines classy and fashionable.

Image Sourced from Ebay.

I popped into town a few weeks ago in search of some staple pieces for my fashion internship in London, and it hadn't really crossed my mind to look for shoes. Rule #1 of the fashion intern guide is never wear heels, because most of the time you're on your feet running errands and nobody wants bleeding heels and a swaggy walk that looks like you've pooped yourself. But when I was in River Island and saw these shoes, I immediately thought of the Chanel Loafers, and decided £28 was an OK price to pay for a pair of shoes that would last me a substantial amount of time. (I usually only buy my flats from Primarni.) 

As you can see, they have the same quilted design, the same long toe, and a nice small gold embellished heel which gives it a little extra something, in my opinion. I have been wearing these in slowly and really love them.

You can find them here.

What's your favourite type of flat for a smarter occasion?

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