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Monday, 23 December 2013
I really hate New Years. I know I sound like a scrooge, but I do hate it. It's an anticlimax. You feel pressured to go out and avoid being boring, but when you do go out it's so busy you can't even get a drink all night, and if you do, it's £10 for a single vodka and cranberry. There's no public transport, and in the morning you just wake up £60 poorer with a headache and can't help but think 'I should have just stayed in.'

That said, there is one part of New Years I do enjoy. Obviously, the getting together with your friends and dressing up nice for a night. Unfortunately, I am on a student budget, which means my dress options are limited. As always, I went to Missguided for choices. I find they always have beautiful party dresses for very reasonable prices, and this year I was not disappointed. I chose my favourites, and I will explain why.

December is the month for no exercise and lot's of parties and food. Because of this, I have gained (no joke) a stone this month. I know, I am as horrified as the rest of you. You don't realise how much the gym does until you stop going! So alongside the rest of the nation, I will be back to exercise in January. I gain all my weight on my torso and upper thighs, so I wanted dresses which would hide the weight I've put on. This means no body cons (unless they are peplum perhaps). Sequins and patterns can also hide any excess pudge nicely, and everyone loves sequins at festive times. I am also horribly pale, so I had to choose my colours very carefully. These are the ones I ended up deciding between:

Kira Strappy Swing Dress in gold - The sequins are perfect for glamourising an outfit, the swing style is in fashion, and it flares out so you can hide the pudge. Perfect. I really like the colour as well, I think it would be flattering on any skin tone. (Hurry, only size 10s left at the moment!)

Diona Sequin Wrap Dress - I love this dress. The black means it is suitable for all year round, the wrap gives you a bit of booby action (flaunt the good part ladies!) and the skater style hides the belly rolls (hide the bad part ladies!) What's not to love? One thing - it sold out. I saw it in the morning, and by the evening only size 14s were left. Today, none. I assume they will restock though before New Years, so it should just be a case of checking back. 

Gabey Rose Embellished Swing Dress- I really like this because it can be worn to so many different occasions, and can be dressed down or up to an extent. I also liked that it was a bit longer than the others, and longer at the back. Perfect for hiding those turkey encouraged thunder thighs.  The low cut means you can get some cleavage out too if you team it with the right bra, and the sequins give it that little hint of festive fun. And did I mention, it's in the sale?! Hurry!

 Hetsey Playsuit in Black - This is perfect for hiding flab and still looking fabulous! It covers all the right parts, but you can still get some boob on show discreetly. It's also a playsuit, so if you plan on getting completely blitzed and chances of falling over are high, it's a good option to avoid an embarrassing unplanned knicker flash (let's be honest, we've all  been there!) This was my boyfriend's least favourite, but what do men know about fashion anyway!

Ultimately, I did what all females do, and started a group chat with my girls and asked their opinions. My friends all rock very different styles, but everyone agreed on the same one, so I ended up opting for this one:

I'll probably style it with some black wedge heels, gold jewellery, banging long extensions and some dark lippie. 

Which was your favourite?!

2 comments on "Missguided New Years Dress Options!"
  1. I love the first one, the one you picked looks amazing though!xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. Ahh someone else who doesn't really like new years!! :L Glad it's not just me. My fave was the one you picked- love it on you :) Gisforgingers xx


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