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Diary of a Fashion Intern : Fluffy Pineapples

Friday, 31 January 2014
An OOTD from this week. Today was sadly my last day with Company, but I will be visiting next time I'm home to say hello to all the girls. Alas, this means it's the last fashion intern ootd for you guys!

I decided to pair the tighter bodycon skirt with a fuller top, so I opted for my Primarni fluffy jumper. The skirt was a gift from my friend Daisy. I managed to tuck it into the skirt but I liked the clashing textures and the fullness it gave the outfit. I topped it off with a Missguided hat and Chanel Loafer dupes from River Island. ( I have a whole blog post on them here.)  Unfortunately I don't have much to say about this outfit other than that when I got on the underground I started sweating like a Weightwatcher in McDonalds, so perhaps this jumper was a bit too thick. Either way I liked the way it flattered the skirt and my body shape. (Having a bigger, baggier top hides how pear shaped I am.) 

Kazsnaps 2014: #4

Tuesday, 28 January 2014
Instagram: CallieKazumi

Krispy Kreme delivery at work // OOTD // Tattoo healed //
Spelt my name right // Vain selfie day // Sweet kicks bro // 
New Company Mag mugs at work!

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Diary of a Fashion Intern: I am Twelve.

Friday, 24 January 2014
Top - NewLook // Shoes - New Look // Skirt - Internacionale // Necklace - New Look

The realisation just hit as I typed this out what an embarrassingly cheap outfit this was, but hey. As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn't manage to take my OOTD pictures this week, but I did get in some cheeky selfies throughout the day, and Company Mag took my picture for their Office Style feature so I will throw these up instead. I went for a super comfy (and cheap, apparently) outfit.

I put my hair up in bunchies whilst I did my makeup and decided it looked quite cute so just left it. Hell, if my face is going to look twelve years old, my style may as well embrace that fact and roll with it. My lipstick is Fuchsia Flash my Maybelline and my bowler hat is from Missguided. The necklace was New Look.

For the Office Style edit I borrowed a jacket from the fashion wardrobe to give my outfit more of a pop, and I took this baby pink pleather jacket just because it matched my lipstick. I realised afterwards that it was in fact a cheeky Primarni bargain, whereas I had assumed it was a River Island or Topshop number, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that in the shops. (It officially made my outfit the cheapest OOTD ever.)

Diary of a Fashion Intern : Catching Up

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The first thing to apologise for is a lack of Outfit shots this week. What is happening with my life right now is every Saturday I get the train home from London, where I can sleep properly, eat properly,and spend some quality time with my puppy. On Saturday night I'll go through my clothes and pick what I'm going to wear the next week, then on Sunday I do all my outfit shots and videos and then pack and leave Sunday night back for London. This weekend my boyfriend visited so I never got round to doing all the shots and stuff because I'd rather have spent my time seeing him than taking pictures of myself!!

You can have a picture of me from the Company app though which we took for A Week inStyle. I think the original girl couldn't be used for whatever reason, I'm not quite sure so I got to put together some outfits form the fashion cupboard which was so fun. We kept it to things I would probably wear in real life, so it was still my style, although a bit more crazy because it's fun to get dressed up every now and again. (And it looks better in pictures!) I loved this outfit because I looked SO Japanese somehow. (Not that I don't usually. Obviously I always look a bit Japanese.) 

The bag is mine, from Missguided, the jeans were Sane Clothing, and the trainers were Lacoste. Unfortunately I can't say where the top or jacket's from I can't remember. I am so in love with the jeans, the bagginess means I can hide my wide hips which is always a bonus for me.

I also got to try out some of the new ballet shoes from Bip Ling's line which is available here. I thought they were literally adorable and if I had the money I would definitely invest in a pair. Who doesn't need statement flats? Especially when they're sparkly. 

These are two outfits I wore on Monday and Tuesday. Above is a strapless body con dress from New Look which I layered with my Mango top. The boots are my ever-trusty New Look wedges (looking a bit tired now, I'll replace them soon..) with crazy laces from Schuh. I teamed it with my bowler from Missguided for a bit of extra edge.

For this outfit I wore a polo neck cropped jumper from Primarni darling, with Topshop high waisted shorts, Primarni belt and my statement Topshop Bomber. I added the creepers from New Look to give it a bit of a grungy London vibe and to give me a bit of extra height as the short shorts meant my legs could have looked a bit stumpy. 

Again, apologies for breaking my routine with the outfit posts but there's one coming tomorrow.

Kazsnaps 2014 #3

Monday, 20 January 2014
Instagram: CallieKazumi

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Me being an awkward lemon on // Amazing water bottle // Work freebies //
My foxy broche from Jordan <3

beccadudley // nevillejacobs //  thecirclelondon - (Yes that's my arm!!) 

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Are you all ready for a hair-horror story? I dip dyed my own hair. My own black hair. Yes, I know. What was I thinking?
It involved various bleaching sessions and toning sessions at home, and the last bleaching it took my hair was extremely elastic and It bought I'd best stop. The only problem is it was stuck as this very warm golden dark blonde/light brown with orangey tones and it was driving me mental. After about two months of it I decided to dye it brown and be done with it, so I threw on a temporary medium brown dye so it's still dip dyed but much more subtly.

My hair is totally fried. It looks rank and feels like hay, so I bought this reincarnation mask. It says to leave it on for twenty minutes, but I decided in this case (which is tragic, my hair is usually very healthy looking) I would get in the bath, leave it on for an hour under a shower cap before washing it off. It feels much more healthy, and looks substantially better for the public eye too. It does feel quite greasy, but I think if I wash it tomorrow (I didn't today, I just shoved this mask on) that it should be fine.

I think that for the price you pay which was under ten pounds, you definitely get a good product. The only other hair mask I've used that I really found worked well was from Lush and cost a little bit more but you got quite a lot less product.
For anyone who has decided to test the limits of their hair and had it result in a depressing mess of dry stiff hair, I would definitely recommend this on top of lots of oil treatments and lack of heat products for a while!

Have any of you tried a really great mask?? 

Diary of an Intern: Day to night transition

Friday, 17 January 2014
Body - Asos // Troushers - River Island // Jumper - Primark 

Friday night, and I'm going out straight from work. I needed an outfit that was easy to transition from day to night. I opted for these trousers from River Island, and paired them with a backless body that's been so in fashion recently and loved by so many bloggers. (Picked mine up in the sales, winner winner chicken dinner.)

The heels are from New Look. I threw a casual jumper over the top, which paired with some flats makes the perfect day time work outfit which can easily transition into a bar outfit for the evening. Rum o'Clock!

As usual, Draco wanted some attention. Little shit. But look at his smiley face. You can't not love him!

What is your go-to day to night transition outfit? 

Diary of a Fashion Intern : LemonChrome

Thursday, 16 January 2014

 Top - Mango // Skirt - River Island // Headband - Topshop // Shoes - Newlook
This was the planned outfit for today, when I went for dinner with an old friend after. Versatile.  It was donned with tights (of course) for the cold and flats because I can't walk that far in heels and the walk to dinner was long. Either way, I was pleased with the top.

I think the baggy fit of the top made the outfit more casual, and the hot pink lip (Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline) have the neon yellow an extra kick up the booty. I wore the coat draped over my shoulders when I was in Selfridges because apparently it makes you look chic. I probably just looked like I hadn't learnt how to dress myself yet.

As usual, little Draco wanted in on the photo shoot so here he is, proud as ever rocking his complimentary cone after being neutered. Still smiling though, what a rockstar.

Diary of a Fashion Intern - Leopard Velvet.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014
Shirt  - Zara // Dress- Bettilovesit

I picked up this shirt recently from Zara, and wanted to layer it up with something and make use of they faux leather collar. This velvet dress has become a staple in my wardrobe. I bought it initially for a Christmas Staff night out (last year,) but have discovered it's perfect all through Autumn and Winter by layering it with different tops. For lighter days something like this outfit shown before, for the colder days long sleeved thick cotton or denim shirts. The perfect LBD. 

 I wore this outfit today with black tights to keep me even toastier. I love the clashing textures, the thick velvet of the dress against the silky shirt with the pleather collar. I think it all gives a nice contrast.

What is your staple winter wardrobe piece? 

KazSnaps : 2014 #2

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Instagram: CallieKazumi

First online article for Company // Lunch // Work selfie// 
Fur and boots // Sophie & Jordz <3 // Naughty purchases //
Rum Kitchen // Giantest crisps!! // Heart mocha // 
Red velvet cupcake // Banana Tree for dins // He missed me! // 

kayla_itsines // hazel_vau // Theresa_caney

Diary of a Fashion Intern: Spots vs Spikes

Wednesday, 8 January 2014
 Shirt - Miss Selfridge // Jumper - Forever21 // Leggings - Missguided // Jacket - Topshop // Shoes - NewLook

For today's outfit I went for a monochrome work-style look with a few quirky additions like the spikes, bomber and necklace. I had a nightmare this morning where I realised my heel was really bleeding and I hadn't noticed. It stained the entire back of my heel, so thank goodness I thought ahead and brought emergency flats which I changed into on the tube. (Nightmare.)

I actually wore this look on the day with a bright red lip, Up the Amp by MAC, which gave an extra bit of pop. My 'trust no bi*ch' necklace was from a boutique in Miami, but you can get them from a few places at the moment, I'm sure Ebay aren't scarce of them.

I'm glad I got to wear the bomber as it hasn't seen much of the world since I bought it, and I think it's really good for adding a bit of unique essence to an otherwise plain outfit.
What's your statement piece?

Diary Of a Fashion Intern : Pineapple Delight.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014
Day two in the Company offices and I've picked up that the office is super chilled and has a relaxed vibe about it, with everyone wearing pretty much whatever they want. Everyones personal style really shines through, and I love seeing what everyone wears to work! I opted for a funner outfit today with a pop of colour.

Hat - Missguided // Bodysuit - Asos // Shoes - River Island // Skirt - Gifted

My best friend Daisy gave me this insane pineapple skirt, so unfortunately I can't say the brand or where it's from as I've forgotten.I think it was the perfect length and style to not be too slutty (pardon my french) for the office, and a nice way to let my personal style show in an outfit.

I wore the outfit with a bright pink lip, (Fushia Flash by Maybelline), and I did wear the hat but left the sunglasses at home as it was horrible and grey. The glasses were also a gift from Daisy, who has labelled them 'Winter Sunnies' , which is why I brought them along. Unfortunately the weather didn't agree with my outfit. I also wore my leather jacket on top, and my cape thrown on top of that as a rain barrier. 

I'm really loving my time at Company, the girls are all lovely and I'm so thankful to be getting such an amazing experience, I'm learning so much already. I even got to write a small press release today, and I got over excited and Instagrammed it because it had my name on it and everything! So if you want to read that, click here.
Now to settle down with a cup of tea and find me a job for when I graduate!

Diary Of a Fashion Intern - The Tutu.

Monday, 6 January 2014
'"What do I wear?" The most feared question by any fashion intern on a first day basis. I've been lucky enough to nab an internship at Company Magazine, and today was my first day. (It was brilliant.)   I wondered for a while what to wear, I wanted to look like I had some sense of personal style but not like a street walker or thug. I decided on something very Carrie Bradshaw - a tutu.

  Shoes - River Island // Blouse - Topshop (old) // Necklace & Headband - Topshop // Tutu - Boohoo

  Pleather Jacket - Thrifted // Fur collar - Topshop

It was definitely an outfit I felt comfortable in. I figured, if I was going to be remembered for dressing tragically I would rather I was remembered as 'that girl who wore the blooming tutu' rather than 'the girl who wore that hideous top' or any other such nickname.

I also liked that with the jacket and collar the look was all-black. Very chic. Or depressing. Either way, I'll roll with it. I ended up not wearing my hair up and throwing a cape over the top of it all because it was pouring with rain when I woke up. Either way, I had a great day and have no outfit regrets.

What would you wear for your first day at a casual but fashion-conscious office?

KazSnaps : 2014 #1

Sunday, 5 January 2014
Towards the end of 2013 I definitely trailed off with my 'Insta Sundays', so I have renamed them KazSnaps and here is the end of 2013 and start of 2014 for all you lovely people, hopefully I stay on top of this now.

 Instagram: CallieKazumi

My Boy <3 // Booking my next inking! // Beautiful Xmas gift from Matt <3 //
Christmas dog walks // Dinosaur Nativity // Naughty treat from Matt //
Christmas morning with Zaki // Prince Oscar // Cosy family home// 
This show's gotten weird // Duck face and stickers // My two boys. //

Louise333 // BarbieBeth // Mixtapeshame

Christmas & Sales Haul!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Here is a video of all the bits I got in the Christmas sales, and a few bits I got for Christmas. Mostly just my sale buys though, so hopefully you will all find some things you can go get before the sales end! I also took lots of photo's on Christmas day, and I know it's a bit late now but if anyone wants to see a blog post of my day then comment and I'll throw it up.

What have you guys been getting in the sales?

If This Produce Was a Person it Would be Beyonce.

I am half japanese. Although I have inherited some appreciated traits, such as the indestructible hair and ability to play Ludovico Einaudi by ear, I also inherited the pale skin. I decided for a brief period to embrace my 'English Rose' complexion. I was buying the palest foundation on the market, and covering it with a translucent powder. Yes, my skin was literally Translucent. Safe to say, I decided to scrap embracing my natural self and resorted back to tanning.

I have tried every tanning product out there, from the horrifically expensive, to the embarrassingly cheap. I have tried sun beds. I have tried spray tans. I have tried it all. And then I found the Beyonce of all tanning products.

I ventured to FeelUnique to check out their sale, and saw this Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter tanning gift set. I hadn't even heard of it before, and decided to give it a shot because it was cheap. (Not St.Moriz cheap, but cheap by the counterpart St.Tropez standards.)

What sold me was the 'one hour developer' statement, because I'm impatient as hell. So here is my review.

Consistency - Mousse. You need to use a mitt, and in this set a good quality one is supplied. (No leaks!) As it goes on you can see the colour, so you can make sure you don't miss out any patches. A win from me.

Smell - It doesn't!! No rotting digestive smell, even as it develops! It doesn't really smell of anything at all to be honest, maybe a bit like a moisturiser?

Developing - Really does only take an hour. It says you can leave it on for 3 for a deeper tan, and I actually slept overnight and washed it off in the morning and it was fine. You can go out in public while it develops it doesn't go too dark.

Colour - A really nice deep golden brown for me, not at all orange and not too dark that I look a bit scary. Perfect!

Duration - Mine has been on 5 days and although still tanned, I'm reapplying for a deeper colour.

Other bits - It doesn't come off on your sheets, and  you get a decent amount of full-body applications in a bottle.

All in all, it's definitely the best tanning product I have tried and I will definitely be repurchasing this. I just noticed a whole range of Cocoa Brown products which I'm keen to test out next too!

What's your favourite tanning product?

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