Bleach London Reincarnation Mask.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Are you all ready for a hair-horror story? I dip dyed my own hair. My own black hair. Yes, I know. What was I thinking?
It involved various bleaching sessions and toning sessions at home, and the last bleaching it took my hair was extremely elastic and It bought I'd best stop. The only problem is it was stuck as this very warm golden dark blonde/light brown with orangey tones and it was driving me mental. After about two months of it I decided to dye it brown and be done with it, so I threw on a temporary medium brown dye so it's still dip dyed but much more subtly.

My hair is totally fried. It looks rank and feels like hay, so I bought this reincarnation mask. It says to leave it on for twenty minutes, but I decided in this case (which is tragic, my hair is usually very healthy looking) I would get in the bath, leave it on for an hour under a shower cap before washing it off. It feels much more healthy, and looks substantially better for the public eye too. It does feel quite greasy, but I think if I wash it tomorrow (I didn't today, I just shoved this mask on) that it should be fine.

I think that for the price you pay which was under ten pounds, you definitely get a good product. The only other hair mask I've used that I really found worked well was from Lush and cost a little bit more but you got quite a lot less product.
For anyone who has decided to test the limits of their hair and had it result in a depressing mess of dry stiff hair, I would definitely recommend this on top of lots of oil treatments and lack of heat products for a while!

Have any of you tried a really great mask?? 
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