Diary of a Fashion Intern : Catching Up

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The first thing to apologise for is a lack of Outfit shots this week. What is happening with my life right now is every Saturday I get the train home from London, where I can sleep properly, eat properly,and spend some quality time with my puppy. On Saturday night I'll go through my clothes and pick what I'm going to wear the next week, then on Sunday I do all my outfit shots and videos and then pack and leave Sunday night back for London. This weekend my boyfriend visited so I never got round to doing all the shots and stuff because I'd rather have spent my time seeing him than taking pictures of myself!!

You can have a picture of me from the Company app though which we took for A Week inStyle. I think the original girl couldn't be used for whatever reason, I'm not quite sure so I got to put together some outfits form the fashion cupboard which was so fun. We kept it to things I would probably wear in real life, so it was still my style, although a bit more crazy because it's fun to get dressed up every now and again. (And it looks better in pictures!) I loved this outfit because I looked SO Japanese somehow. (Not that I don't usually. Obviously I always look a bit Japanese.) 

The bag is mine, from Missguided, the jeans were Sane Clothing, and the trainers were Lacoste. Unfortunately I can't say where the top or jacket's from I can't remember. I am so in love with the jeans, the bagginess means I can hide my wide hips which is always a bonus for me.

I also got to try out some of the new ballet shoes from Bip Ling's line which is available here. I thought they were literally adorable and if I had the money I would definitely invest in a pair. Who doesn't need statement flats? Especially when they're sparkly. 

These are two outfits I wore on Monday and Tuesday. Above is a strapless body con dress from New Look which I layered with my Mango top. The boots are my ever-trusty New Look wedges (looking a bit tired now, I'll replace them soon..) with crazy laces from Schuh. I teamed it with my bowler from Missguided for a bit of extra edge.

For this outfit I wore a polo neck cropped jumper from Primarni darling, with Topshop high waisted shorts, Primarni belt and my statement Topshop Bomber. I added the creepers from New Look to give it a bit of a grungy London vibe and to give me a bit of extra height as the short shorts meant my legs could have looked a bit stumpy. 

Again, apologies for breaking my routine with the outfit posts but there's one coming tomorrow.

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