Diary of a Fashion Intern: I am Twelve.

Friday, 24 January 2014
Top - NewLook // Shoes - New Look // Skirt - Internacionale // Necklace - New Look

The realisation just hit as I typed this out what an embarrassingly cheap outfit this was, but hey. As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn't manage to take my OOTD pictures this week, but I did get in some cheeky selfies throughout the day, and Company Mag took my picture for their Office Style feature so I will throw these up instead. I went for a super comfy (and cheap, apparently) outfit.

I put my hair up in bunchies whilst I did my makeup and decided it looked quite cute so just left it. Hell, if my face is going to look twelve years old, my style may as well embrace that fact and roll with it. My lipstick is Fuchsia Flash my Maybelline and my bowler hat is from Missguided. The necklace was New Look.

For the Office Style edit I borrowed a jacket from the fashion wardrobe to give my outfit more of a pop, and I took this baby pink pleather jacket just because it matched my lipstick. I realised afterwards that it was in fact a cheeky Primarni bargain, whereas I had assumed it was a River Island or Topshop number, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that in the shops. (It officially made my outfit the cheapest OOTD ever.)

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  1. Cheap isn't always a bad things- I love this outfit and the jacket Gisforgingers xx


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