Diary of a Fashion Intern : LemonChrome

Thursday, 16 January 2014

 Top - Mango // Skirt - River Island // Headband - Topshop // Shoes - Newlook
This was the planned outfit for today, when I went for dinner with an old friend after. Versatile.  It was donned with tights (of course) for the cold and flats because I can't walk that far in heels and the walk to dinner was long. Either way, I was pleased with the top.

I think the baggy fit of the top made the outfit more casual, and the hot pink lip (Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline) have the neon yellow an extra kick up the booty. I wore the coat draped over my shoulders when I was in Selfridges because apparently it makes you look chic. I probably just looked like I hadn't learnt how to dress myself yet.

As usual, little Draco wanted in on the photo shoot so here he is, proud as ever rocking his complimentary cone after being neutered. Still smiling though, what a rockstar.

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  1. i'm absolutely loving these posts i check them out every time. I think i'd find it hard to decide what to wear each day if i were you; a) you have fab clothes and b) i'm just too indecisive. Good job i work in an office and have limited choices! p.s - Draco looks super happy with your choice!


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