Diary Of a Fashion Intern : Pineapple Delight.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014
Day two in the Company offices and I've picked up that the office is super chilled and has a relaxed vibe about it, with everyone wearing pretty much whatever they want. Everyones personal style really shines through, and I love seeing what everyone wears to work! I opted for a funner outfit today with a pop of colour.

Hat - Missguided // Bodysuit - Asos // Shoes - River Island // Skirt - Gifted

My best friend Daisy gave me this insane pineapple skirt, so unfortunately I can't say the brand or where it's from as I've forgotten.I think it was the perfect length and style to not be too slutty (pardon my french) for the office, and a nice way to let my personal style show in an outfit.

I wore the outfit with a bright pink lip, (Fushia Flash by Maybelline), and I did wear the hat but left the sunglasses at home as it was horrible and grey. The glasses were also a gift from Daisy, who has labelled them 'Winter Sunnies' , which is why I brought them along. Unfortunately the weather didn't agree with my outfit. I also wore my leather jacket on top, and my cape thrown on top of that as a rain barrier. 

I'm really loving my time at Company, the girls are all lovely and I'm so thankful to be getting such an amazing experience, I'm learning so much already. I even got to write a small press release today, and I got over excited and Instagrammed it because it had my name on it and everything! So if you want to read that, click here.
Now to settle down with a cup of tea and find me a job for when I graduate!

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