Diary of a Fashion Intern: Spots vs Spikes

Wednesday, 8 January 2014
 Shirt - Miss Selfridge // Jumper - Forever21 // Leggings - Missguided // Jacket - Topshop // Shoes - NewLook

For today's outfit I went for a monochrome work-style look with a few quirky additions like the spikes, bomber and necklace. I had a nightmare this morning where I realised my heel was really bleeding and I hadn't noticed. It stained the entire back of my heel, so thank goodness I thought ahead and brought emergency flats which I changed into on the tube. (Nightmare.)

I actually wore this look on the day with a bright red lip, Up the Amp by MAC, which gave an extra bit of pop. My 'trust no bi*ch' necklace was from a boutique in Miami, but you can get them from a few places at the moment, I'm sure Ebay aren't scarce of them.

I'm glad I got to wear the bomber as it hasn't seen much of the world since I bought it, and I think it's really good for adding a bit of unique essence to an otherwise plain outfit.
What's your statement piece?

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