If This Produce Was a Person it Would be Beyonce.

Saturday, 4 January 2014
I am half japanese. Although I have inherited some appreciated traits, such as the indestructible hair and ability to play Ludovico Einaudi by ear, I also inherited the pale skin. I decided for a brief period to embrace my 'English Rose' complexion. I was buying the palest foundation on the market, and covering it with a translucent powder. Yes, my skin was literally Translucent. Safe to say, I decided to scrap embracing my natural self and resorted back to tanning.

I have tried every tanning product out there, from the horrifically expensive, to the embarrassingly cheap. I have tried sun beds. I have tried spray tans. I have tried it all. And then I found the Beyonce of all tanning products.

I ventured to FeelUnique to check out their sale, and saw this Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter tanning gift set. I hadn't even heard of it before, and decided to give it a shot because it was cheap. (Not St.Moriz cheap, but cheap by the counterpart St.Tropez standards.)

What sold me was the 'one hour developer' statement, because I'm impatient as hell. So here is my review.

Consistency - Mousse. You need to use a mitt, and in this set a good quality one is supplied. (No leaks!) As it goes on you can see the colour, so you can make sure you don't miss out any patches. A win from me.

Smell - It doesn't!! No rotting digestive smell, even as it develops! It doesn't really smell of anything at all to be honest, maybe a bit like a moisturiser?

Developing - Really does only take an hour. It says you can leave it on for 3 for a deeper tan, and I actually slept overnight and washed it off in the morning and it was fine. You can go out in public while it develops it doesn't go too dark.

Colour - A really nice deep golden brown for me, not at all orange and not too dark that I look a bit scary. Perfect!

Duration - Mine has been on 5 days and although still tanned, I'm reapplying for a deeper colour.

Other bits - It doesn't come off on your sheets, and  you get a decent amount of full-body applications in a bottle.

All in all, it's definitely the best tanning product I have tried and I will definitely be repurchasing this. I just noticed a whole range of Cocoa Brown products which I'm keen to test out next too!

What's your favourite tanning product?

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