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Friday, 28 February 2014

Kazsnaps 2014 : #7

Monday, 24 February 2014
Instagram: CallieKazumi

Home made steak // Hungover with my pal // Matt and I  //
Oscar // Draco enjoying his new 'indestructible' crocodile // Draco being a p.i.m.p //
My gal and I // Dressed for rain for the Clansmen winning Scottish league // Details //

chelseaxlou21 // amyvalentinex // hazel_vau //

Best Friends OOTN!

This is my best friend Daisy. She has blue hair and she likes super cool things and she's funny. She ma gal. Last night we made the questionable decision to go out. Yes, on a Sunday. Better choices have been made. Our friend Emna took these two snaps of us and I thought it would be nice to do a little joint OOTN post for you guys. We were dressed a bit more casual than usual because it was a Sunday and we weren't about to dress up for all of the other 5 people out in Fubar.

Callie Wears: A plain white vest from Primarni, a wet look skirt from Internacionale (Obviously having a cheapo outfit day..) and monochrome booties from New Look.
Daisy Wears: An aztec bodysuit from Asos, Mom jeans from Topshop and checkered Vans. She so cool.

Do you and your best friend have similar styles or totally different?

OOTD: Rose Eagles.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

I have fallen in love with this slouchy jumper from H&M. They had it in stripes too but I think the plain colour makes it a wardrobe essential and you can get away with wearing it more frequently. The leather eagle belt is an old Topshop number, the shorts were from Republic back in the day. My mini leopard heels are from New Look, and dress the look up a bit.

It's cold out, so I wore this out with my faux fur Miss Selfridge jacket when I went to work today. ( I work as a PA to my friend Kelly who owns an amazing retro nail salon in town.)

Lipstick:  Mac - All Fired Up.

I accessorised with my D&G Glasses and my Olivia Burton watch. My nail colour is Fuchsia Fun by Rimmel.

I loved the mixture of soft, pastel colours with the harsher studs and leopard print in this outfit. What do you love to combine for a fierce day-to-day look.

Kazsnaps 2014 : #6

Monday, 17 February 2014
Instagram: CallieKazumi

Notes in Vogue left by Matt // Sunglasses finally // Out in Dusk //
OOTD // My Girls // Wee Oscar //
Pan de queso // Being an idiot // The day I retired //
Frozen inspired braid // OOTN // Chalice of champions with rum // 

MissvogueUk // Lindseyballadofmagazine // malebitch


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kazsnaps 2014 : #5

 Instagram: CallieKazumi

Shameless Selfie // Independent Mag Shop in Soho // Yummy // 
Ice Cream Sundae Mofuckas // My faves // Draco on // 
Jordan being a jealous wee cow of my ice-cream // Last day at Company Mag // Draco at my Mac lippie. // 

carolineroxy // wonderlandmag // honey_pop

The 100% Honest Guide to The Gym.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

I used to loathe PE at school. I would feign an array of rare diseases in the hopes of being allowed off. Safe to say the teachers quickly caught onto my antics. Several years on and I've had a complete change of heart, and am a gym fiend.
So the last two months I've had off, because of Christmas and moving around and not being a member at a gym nearby. Now I'm back up North and ready to attack the gym full speed, and I thought I would write a post for all the ladies out there who maybe want to but are unsure about certain things. This is the 100% honest post on going to the gym.  So read on if it's something you want to know the ins and outs of from someone who has defeated gymtimidation.

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