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KazSnaps 2014: Week #12

Monday, 31 March 2014
Instagram: CallieKazumi
Welcome Parcel from BalladOf // Supporting my uni // Spoilt brat //
My man on game day // OOTD // Being lazy //
Dissertation hell // Spring! // Dyed my hair black again //
Pre night-out selfie // The girls supporting the Clan // Pals //
SOTD // Clanfan watching our boy on the telly // At the groomers! // 

BarringtonMatt // Urbanicas // Jasondavis15

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Big News From a New Baladette.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Listen up lads, I have exciting news! 
I am now a weekly contributor and Online Junior Editor to Ballad Of Magazine
Ballad Of is basically an independent magazine which focuses on sharing artwork by undiscovered talents.

 In The Devil Wears Prada, one of my favourite monologues is when Nigel say's:

"You think this is just a magazine? This is not just a magazine. This is a shining beacon of hope for... oh, I don't know... let's say a young boy growing up in Rhode Island with six brothers pretending to go to soccer practice when he was really going to sewing class and reading Runway under the covers at night with a flashlight."
Except it's a shining beacon of hope for all the artists, stylists, illustrators, photographers.etc. 

I'm so excited to be a part of something so creative and beautiful. The magazine itself is more like a book, with amazing quality paper and breathtaking images page per page. So every Monday I'll write a piece which you can get here. If you want to ever be featured email me at and we can chat! 

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The Orange Bag.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014
When I found this bag on Ebay it was instant love and I had to have it. To be honest, if I could afford it I would buy it in black and aqua too. (This one is the reddish orange.) I thought it looked the most expensive and was a nice colour pop for outfits, I don't have anything orange in my 'drobe.

So at just over £25 thought it was a bit pricey, especially because I'm not a big clutch user. I prefer big bags to throw all my crapola into. That said, this bag is absolutely divine. For a start, it's real leather and the quality shines through. It feels sturdy and expensive, and I love the New York 5th Avenue stamp, I think it gives it a nice little touch.

It's also quite sizeable, as you can see. I have plenty of room to store my bits and bobs in it. Unfortunately, my dog enjoys leather and started chewing it. I caught him before too much damage was done, but had to cut the handle to make it look like it was made like that rather than leave a half chewed up broken handle on it. (The dog got a shouting at, believe me!) So my handle in the bottom picture looks like it's not a handle. It was when it arrived.

This is just a picture to show you how much I can fit inside it. My purse is huge, and is from Urban Outfitters. My phone case is from New Look, the Chanel Lipstick is reviewed here, and the perfume is Ted Baker.
Most importantly, you can buy the bag here. It's my favourite ever Ebay purchase, I just think it's such a stunning statement piece, but still classy.

What's your favourite ever Ebay purchase?
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Spotty Sunday #Selfie SOS

Sunday, 23 March 2014

This morning I woke up with an abomination on my face, in the middle of it, on my nose. No getting away from it. It's not even a proper spot, just a big red circle with no actual raised skin. Like a weird rash. So repulsive. So I did what i thought best, put on as much Benefit Boing as I could and took selfies to cheer myself up. 
It didn't work, the concealer won't even mask it. Anyone know any good treatments for under the skin spots? Or a industrial strength concealer perhaps? I'm at a loss and the public are about to see my red infused mug. Lawd help us all. MERRY SUNDAY EVERYONE.

Also, I was going to embed the #Selfie music video, but decided not to ruin your Sundays - what a saint.
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Kazsnaps 2014:#11

Saturday, 22 March 2014
This week I had less of my own snaps than usual so I've given you double of my instafaves to make up for it :)
Instagram: CallieKazumi

Daisy Necklace // A horrible night // OOTD // 
NOTD // Basics rail // Cutie Pie // 
ArikaSato // MaddieDeanx // Graceoliviababy // 
Pretty Sickly // Arrestthisgal // Beyonce //
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Candy Pink Chanel.

I have a special place in my heart for Chanel. Anything Chanel. I don't know if it's the beautiful packaging, the classiness I feel when I wear it, or the pure fashion name of it all. I just love it. I bought my first Chanel lipstick on my birthday and have to admit I was slightly disappointed - I think I went for the wrong colour. So this time I picked up another colour I was more likely to wear frequently at duty free prices at the airport.

I chose from the Rouge Allure Velvet range, because I liked the consistency more. It looks matte, but feels more moisturising. Less sleek and slippery than Mac's Velvet range, but definitely not matte enough to be called Matte, if this makes sense.

The colour I chose was a hot pink, La Diva 44. Hot pink is my thing. It's always my go-to, everyday colour. Favourites at the moment are Pink Noveau and Lickable by Mac, and Fushia Flash by Maybelline. Reds are for classier outfits, or special occasions. Nude's are for never IMO. I have no time for boring lips.

The packaging is perfection, you press the button at the bottom in and then the lipstick pops out. It looks classy as anything. If Audrey Hepburn was a lipstick package, this would be it. My only qualm is the actual lipstick amount is about half of what you get in a Mac lippie, but it costs £25 a pop. I'd rather spend the £15 on a Mac one and get double the product if I'm honest. But for a one-off, luxury purchase for those days when you need a little pick-me-up, this is a good option. Just pick you colour wisely!

What's your everyday lip colour?
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The Ultimate Liquid Liner.

Monday, 17 March 2014

The ultimate black liquid liner has come into my possession. My flight was delayed so I did what all bloggers would do in this situation and hit the duty free like I would never fly again. I decided to pick this up on a whim. I don't really use liquid liner every day like some people and I've always just used my Maybelline one without too many quips - but this has revolutionised my liner life. 

It's the MAC Superslick liquid liner in  On The Hunt, and I paid about £12 for it duty free, so it will probably be about £15 at retail. It is absolutely jet black, and the reason I love it is that when I apply my liner the brush usually dries out a bit and I have to keep sticking the wand back in the pot for more, which I don't have to with this one. Also, I'm a big fan of a midday nap and I always wake up with my liner smudged everywhere so I look like Taylor Momsen with a hangover. This stuff stays.

It doesn't come off until I give it a good scrub with a baby wipe followed up by using my amazing miceller cleanser, and even that requires a good elbow grease.  No fear of sweating this off on a night out! The wand is a little bit thick in the centre but I will get used to this with a bit of practice - I'm used to painfully thin wands for my flicks and shaky hands!

What's your go-to liquid liner? Or do you prefer gel or pencil? 
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KazSnaps 2014 : #10

Sunday, 16 March 2014
Instagram: CallieKazumi

OOTD // Topshop Oxford Circus // Spring Selfie // 
My dogs giant feet // He loves selfies // Job interview day! //
Gym // Bedtime readings // SUNGLASSES <3 //
Airport outfit // I just really heart Frozen // Wake up to him sitting on my chest. //
 lydiaemillen // oliverscotttv// melonladybaby 

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Missguided x Nicole: My Top Picks.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

As we all probably know by now, the new Nicole Scherzinger x Missguided collection is taking the blogging world by storm. I was in two minds whether to write a blog post about it because the collection is definitely not my usual style, despite Missguided being one of my all time favourite brands. I'll explain why.

It's based around monochrome and cobalt blue which is absolutely stunning, but the pieces themselves are all very form-fitting and flesh-flashing. A lot of bodycons and leotards which aren't my go-to's as I prefer skaters and things to hide a bloated belly, especially recently as I struggle to get back into my fitness routines.

It's very on trend with a lot of mesh and faux leather, and nearly all the items have cut-outs which are super sexy for a night out, but not something I would usually go for. All of this said, the collection is gorgeous and I'm a total hypocrite because I've found three pieces I love and want to share with you all.

Faux White Leather Biker Leggings // White Fishnet Jumper // Faux White Leather Crop Top // 
Which is your favourite from the range?
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OOTD: Simple Airport Luxe.

Where I travel South I travel back North again, and so here is my second airport outfit. (First here.) I like to keep it simple and comfortable at the airport but a little bit classy as well. So people might think I'm going somewhere super cool and not back to my stinky student flat with a hairy dog. 

The top is from River Island, the jeans and shoes are Primarni, the watch is vintage from my Mum. I bought Alexa Chungs book for flight reading and finished it within about 20 minutes. It was an interesting read and very visual, but it was quite short and sporadic, as if she had thought 'I'll write about my pony, actually now I'll write about Kate Moss, oh no wait I wanna talk about the Spice Girls'. I enjoyed the read, but perhaps not for the £16 I forked out to Urban Outfitters for it. 

Have you read Alexa's book? How did you find it? 
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Mac: Pink Noveau Review

Friday, 14 March 2014
I have long been on the hunt for the 'perfect pink.' Not too light, not too dark. Not too Barbie, not too blue hued. Before I used to mix Lickable with Please Me, but I have finally found the perfect in-between. I always opt for Mac for lipsticks - they're great quality, have the best range of colours and at £15 are the perfect mid-point between high store prices and luxury brand prices.

It's from the Satin range which to be honest I find to be very similar to their Matte range, but slightly less dehydrating on the lip which is always a bonus.

 I love to wear pinks like this with a darker eye, either brown and very smokey or heavy black lined. 
What's your go-to pink?

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OOTD : A Fashion Job Interview.

Thursday, 13 March 2014
I had a job interview. In central London. In fashion. Hold me back while I faint from disbelief. Fingers crossed for me! Whilst I was there I met up with Lexxi from my previous internship at a magazine and she kindly took some OOTD shots for me as I hadn't had time to in the morning.
Because my interview involved a presentation I wanted to go quite formal, so I took a suitable office outfit and fashion upgraded it by adding pops of bright colour and patterns. On my way to the interview I actually got stopped and snapped for a guy from Thousand Yard Style so that was a nice confidence boost before going in!

My blazer is current and from New Look. (I actually got stopped and complimented twice during the day on my blazer, both times by men!) The shirt was a simple and cheap H&M number. My belt was Primarni, and my trousers are from Mango. (The editor of Company Mag once complimented me on these trousers, so they are my go-to for fashion formal events now!) My sling back shoes were a fantastic £10 from Primarni, and they were comfortable enough to wear for 8 hours before deciding to switch to flat shoes.

My sunglasses were a gift from my bessie Daisy. She calls them the 'perfect winter glasses.' Lucky for me the sun was out to play in London so they were a huge help - but I put them in my bag for the actual interview. My bag was borrowed from my mum. I was going to take my Zara City Bag but it was too big to fit in my hand luggage so I borrowed this one which is by Vera Pelle. (Always nice to walk into an interview with Italian leather on your arm!)

I was originally going to wear my hair up in a bun but it looked stupid and I didn't have enough time to fix it in the morning so I opted for half up and half down. After lunch with Lexxi and the interview I met my London lasses for some shopping and dinner so it was a really great day. (By this point in the evening I was looking very bedraggled, so excuse the following photographs!)
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Airport OOTD: Flying Crimson

Tuesday, 11 March 2014
I'm flying back down to London for a job interview today. (Wish me luck!) As I can only take hand luggage I have tried to incorporate everything I wear twice, so I am taking barely any clothes. This blazer from New Look which I'm wearing for the interview will be worn down to save on space and I based the outfit around that.

I like to stay as comfortable as possible flying so opted for a plain white tee from Topshop. It's one of those ones with thinner material so it looks a bit classy for a tee. My jeans are (as always) Primarni. My Chanel Loafer Dupes are from River Island and I did a whole post on them here.

I have a Primarni belt for my jeans, my phone in it's New Look daisy case, a vintage watch from my mother and my trusty Paperchase organiser with all my flight details and interview deets inside. Phew!

What do you guys like to wear for flying?
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