Mac: Pink Noveau Review

Friday, 14 March 2014
I have long been on the hunt for the 'perfect pink.' Not too light, not too dark. Not too Barbie, not too blue hued. Before I used to mix Lickable with Please Me, but I have finally found the perfect in-between. I always opt for Mac for lipsticks - they're great quality, have the best range of colours and at £15 are the perfect mid-point between high store prices and luxury brand prices.

It's from the Satin range which to be honest I find to be very similar to their Matte range, but slightly less dehydrating on the lip which is always a bonus.

 I love to wear pinks like this with a darker eye, either brown and very smokey or heavy black lined. 
What's your go-to pink?

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1 comment on "Mac: Pink Noveau Review"
  1. its a lovely colour!!x


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