Spotty Sunday #Selfie SOS

Sunday, 23 March 2014

This morning I woke up with an abomination on my face, in the middle of it, on my nose. No getting away from it. It's not even a proper spot, just a big red circle with no actual raised skin. Like a weird rash. So repulsive. So I did what i thought best, put on as much Benefit Boing as I could and took selfies to cheer myself up. 
It didn't work, the concealer won't even mask it. Anyone know any good treatments for under the skin spots? Or a industrial strength concealer perhaps? I'm at a loss and the public are about to see my red infused mug. Lawd help us all. MERRY SUNDAY EVERYONE.

Also, I was going to embed the #Selfie music video, but decided not to ruin your Sundays - what a saint.
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