The Orange Bag.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014
When I found this bag on Ebay it was instant love and I had to have it. To be honest, if I could afford it I would buy it in black and aqua too. (This one is the reddish orange.) I thought it looked the most expensive and was a nice colour pop for outfits, I don't have anything orange in my 'drobe.

So at just over £25 thought it was a bit pricey, especially because I'm not a big clutch user. I prefer big bags to throw all my crapola into. That said, this bag is absolutely divine. For a start, it's real leather and the quality shines through. It feels sturdy and expensive, and I love the New York 5th Avenue stamp, I think it gives it a nice little touch.

It's also quite sizeable, as you can see. I have plenty of room to store my bits and bobs in it. Unfortunately, my dog enjoys leather and started chewing it. I caught him before too much damage was done, but had to cut the handle to make it look like it was made like that rather than leave a half chewed up broken handle on it. (The dog got a shouting at, believe me!) So my handle in the bottom picture looks like it's not a handle. It was when it arrived.

This is just a picture to show you how much I can fit inside it. My purse is huge, and is from Urban Outfitters. My phone case is from New Look, the Chanel Lipstick is reviewed here, and the perfume is Ted Baker.
Most importantly, you can buy the bag here. It's my favourite ever Ebay purchase, I just think it's such a stunning statement piece, but still classy.

What's your favourite ever Ebay purchase?
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  1. i love a pop of colour!x ♥


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