The Ultimate Liquid Liner.

Monday, 17 March 2014

The ultimate black liquid liner has come into my possession. My flight was delayed so I did what all bloggers would do in this situation and hit the duty free like I would never fly again. I decided to pick this up on a whim. I don't really use liquid liner every day like some people and I've always just used my Maybelline one without too many quips - but this has revolutionised my liner life. 

It's the MAC Superslick liquid liner in  On The Hunt, and I paid about £12 for it duty free, so it will probably be about £15 at retail. It is absolutely jet black, and the reason I love it is that when I apply my liner the brush usually dries out a bit and I have to keep sticking the wand back in the pot for more, which I don't have to with this one. Also, I'm a big fan of a midday nap and I always wake up with my liner smudged everywhere so I look like Taylor Momsen with a hangover. This stuff stays.

It doesn't come off until I give it a good scrub with a baby wipe followed up by using my amazing miceller cleanser, and even that requires a good elbow grease.  No fear of sweating this off on a night out! The wand is a little bit thick in the centre but I will get used to this with a bit of practice - I'm used to painfully thin wands for my flicks and shaky hands!

What's your go-to liquid liner? Or do you prefer gel or pencil? 
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