The Underdog Cleanser.

Thursday, 6 March 2014
I have something to confess. I never used cleansers. I know, I know. Throw me to beauty hell. I used to try various different ones as a teenager in a battle with the dreaded hormonal outbreaks, but never found one decent enough to keep using.

Then Bioderma hit the scene and everyone raved about it.. but you could only get it in France unless you were willing to fork out £15 a bottle. Which I wasn't.

Recently the beauty blogging scene has been swamped with reviews of the new Garnier Miceller water cleanser. I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon and try again with the cleansing, so popped to my local Boots and Superdrug. The issue is I live in the middle of Scotland in a place where nothing happens and people still think that Lonsdale trainers are fashionable. (Were they ever?!) So they didn't have them in stock yet. I was just paying for some nail polish remover at Superdrug when low and behold, this B Pure Miceller Water cleanser was right at the till, half price. So I thought, sod it, and picked it up to try.

I had never heard of B Pure before as a brand, and suspect it may be the name of Superdrugs own - correct me if I am wrong anyone?

I brought it home to test out and have been using it every night and morning. I fell in love straight away. Usually I would have just wiped my makeup off with a baby wipe and be done with it. Now I wipe my face with a baby wipe, and then use two big cotton pads of this on top before all my makeup is near enough removed. How disgusting to think I had been going to sleep with that much makeup still on clogging all my pores before when I just used the baby wipes?! I thought I was all fresh faced but no. Ewww.

I love seeing the grime wipe away when I use this before bed and when I wake up, it's like a sick twisted way of proving to myself how clean I am. I am totally hooked, and will continue using this for the foreseeable future. I will pick up the Garnier bottle when I get the chance, but until then I am more than happy to stick with this. The bottle isn't too big but is deceptively full - a little definitely goes a LONG way with this.  I only need a couple of drops per cotton pad.
Anyway, I'm really glad I picked this up or I would never have tried it as I hadn't even heard of it before. Everyone loves an underdog though, right?

What's your favourite cleanser? Any beauty confessions to share with me too?
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