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OOTD : No9 & Daisy Chains

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

When I wore this outfit it was sunny. Today it is rainy. I'm reminiscing the sun as I write this and thinking to myself, 'sod it, that would have been the Scottish summer then.' 
Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted. 

I am wearing a vest top from H&M, my ever-trusty Internacionale skirt (I still say Topshop if anyone asks..) and my aztec trainers from New Look. The floral crown is from Claire's, who currently are stocking an absolute treasure-trove worth of summer festival and floral goodies. 

I'm always a bit tentative at wearing flowers in my hair for fear of either coming across as a 60s hippie stoner or (excuse the language) a bit of a bellend. I feel stupid in overly feminine things as I don't feel comfortable, I feel a bit like a little china doll. I suppose in my case, Japanese doll. Either way, I think that the dark colours and pleather texture of the skirt toned it all down enough to warrant a crown of faux flowers upon my hairy head. Also can we all take a moment to appreciate my dog being the biggest poser in the history of blog posers?
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The Callie Kazumi Guide to being a Lady.

Thursday, 24 April 2014
After reading the Goldman Sachs Guide to Being a Man, I decided to write an equivalent for women. I would like to make very clear now that I don't do all of these things. In fact I don't do half. I'm no lady and I don't pretend to be. But these are the things I would consider a ladylike woman of grace to do.
- Drink a glass of red wine with meals.
- Invest in one expensive handbag, and one expensive pair of court heels. The rest will fall into place.
- Cheats you once, shame on him, cheats you twice, shame on you.
- Find that perfect red lipstick.
- No bodycon mini-dresses. We aren't 18 anymore.
- Never wear ripped denim shorts, unless you're at the beach.
- Own one cat, not five.
- Own as many dogs as you can muster. (But not handbag dogs.)
- If they're too high to drive in, they're too high to go out in.
- Always carry around a pound for the shopping trolley.
- Donate to charity.
- Don't swear.
- Don't rely on a man for money.
- Don't write on social media about other people.
- Don't write anything remotely attention seeking on social media.
- Don't drink alcopops.
- Don't down drinks.
- Never date an ex of your friend.
- Never date an ex of your own.
- Have enough cooking skills to be able to cook at least one meal for your man.
- Never eat BBQ ribs on a first date.
- Never scream and jump when you see a girlfriend out in a club.
- Go to the gym.
- Don't be jealous.
-  Be creative.
- Be hilarious.
- Keep your tits in.
- Your nipples should only be out in the shower or bedroom.
- It's the 21st century, embrace dating websites.
- Only be friends with people who don't bring you down.
- Don't be afraid to cast out the negative people in your life.
- If you fall in love with two men go for the second, you wouldn't had fallen for them had you really loved the first.
- Don't say 'totes' 'amaze' or any other abbreviation.
- Dont type lyk diz x
- Find 'your scent'. 
- Hugs not drugs.
- And NEVER wear Uggs.
- Invest in a tailored ladysuit.
- Invest in a hot car.
- If you buy jewellery as a gift, get it engraved.
- Never wear hoop earrings.
- Always carry a spare tampon in your bag to aid someone in their time of need.
- NEVER pee on the floor, no matter how drunk.
- Never poo in public places. Ever. 
- If a friend is being sick, always give up your hairband for the sake of her hair.
- Smokers are jokers. 
- If people say 'I've never heard that before, that's an interesting name', don't name your baby it.
- Don't have a baby until you have a career to support it.
- Invest in Chanel makeup, it's worth it.
- Graphic tees are for sleeping in.
- Always dress weather appropriate.
- Learn another language.
- Wear matching underwear.
- Sometimes when you are driving, giving the finger to another driver is appropriate.
-Treat others how you want to be treated.
- Never invite yourself anywhere.
- If you're embarrassed, laugh it off.
- Take care of your eyebrows.
- Have an email containing your first and last name. Not
- Relish in watching Tangled and Frozen.
- Eat your greens.
- Lift weights.
- Always use contraception.
- If you aren't willing to say it to their face, don't say it behind their back.
- Read books, not magazines.
- Always have your nails and toenails done.
- Have ideas.
- Always be fabulous.
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OOTD: The Perfect Outfit.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014
I found my perfect summer outfit. It has been done. I Instagrammed this snap after the purchase and rounded up the likes, so it's only fair that I pay tribute to it in it's very own blog post, no?
This outfit is a combination of three of my favourite current trends: Pastel, crop, and leaf print.
Motel has been big on leaf prints as of late, but Missguided has dominated everyone in pastels. 
This outfit however, is completely H&M based. When I get a shopping craving and have little to no money, I usually go to Primark or H&M to see if I can get a bargain to sustain my need to shop. (This is a thing. I am an admitted shopaholic. I need an intervention.)

The crop was a cheerful £4, and is such a flattering shape. It goes out and up in all the right places, and I love the monochrome hit. The print is amazing too. Happy 420 everyone no?

The skirt is PERFECTION in a single pastel piece. You can't tell from the pictures but it's actually quilted and quite thick, making it look like a Topshop standard piece. It was actually about £14 I think. (It has a little gold zip at the back too.)

I wore this with Primarni flatforms but I would wear this on a night out with some proper heels and a clutch too, maybe my clear studded Missguided one. I am so in love with this outfit I can't even explain. Pure lust.
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OOTD : Get The Most Out Of Your Crop Top!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014
 Crop-tops are on point this season. Any high-street store is brimming with them. Finally I can feel like a Spice Girl!
I've seen a lot of less-than flattering outfits out and about due to this more recent trend, and I've put together some hints and tips for how to get the most out of your crop top.

1. Get abs. Okay, so this is probably not going to happen for the majority of us. Hell, I LOVE the gym… but pizza though?!S The other steps might help though.
2. Go high waisted, it's the most flattering and shows just enough skin.
3. If you're going low waisted like I have in this outfit, (High waisted jeans never fit me because my waist is tiny in comparison to my mammoth hips!! Too unproportional to ever fit them :( ) then opt for some jeans in a size up, to minimise muffin top. (These jeans could have done with being ever so slightly looser to be as flattering as possible to be honest.)

And whatever you do, don't wear a crop top with low waisted, tight, short shorts. I've seen it done and there's ever so much bulging skin everywhere it's just plain unflattering.

I like this crop top because it's slightly longer than most of the others I've seen. It's a cheeky Topshop number.

I put my hair in a half bun because I was feeling super 90s. I feel like this hairstyle is going to have a moment very soon, after seeing it cropping up here and there. Hold tight!

These jeans (not the best fitting but worth the price!) were £7 out of Primarni. As usual with my weird shape, they are looser at the bottom because my knee down are a size 8 and my knee up is a 10. Awkward as anything. I rolled them up to hide the ill-fit and added a Primarni belt to keep it all together. The sling backs are Primark also. I'm a cheapskate.

My lipstick is Pink Noveau by Mac, and my nails are Funtime Fuchsia by Rimmel.

How do you feel about the cropped trend?
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Kazsnaps 2014: #14

Monday, 21 April 2014
I would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently - My uni thesis is due in very soon so all my time has been spent in the library working! I didn't even have any instagtams for last week to do my weekly post! BUT I just took lots of OOTD's so stay tuned as I promise there will be lots of posts to come this week! <3

Instagram: CallieKazumi
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Hard Rock Cafe // Flower fairy // King Oscar //
OOTD // Attention Seeker //  Morning wake up cuddles //
More Yawns // Ugly face // Hair flowers //

tashoakley // carolineroxy // lindseyballadofmagazine 

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RIP Peaches Geldof.

Monday, 7 April 2014
Peaches Geldof has just been reported to have died age 25 by BBC News. It was 'sudden and unexplained'.
RIP to Peaches Geldof, a media and fashion icon.

Img Src.
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Kazsnaps 2014: #13

Instagram: CallieKazumi

My article on this week // Cherry blossoms // All the rum //
Asian treats // Stirling // Cuddles

Victoriatornegren // thebeautycrush // foiinch

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Feeling Fabulous When You're Ill.

This title is a lie. I am ill, and I don't feel fabulous. If I were being more truthful, this post would be entitled 'How to decrease thought of suicide when battling the common cold.' I am so ill right now I look and feel like Voldemort when he became a foetus in the final film. (Spoiler Alert.) 
I have made a list of ways to survive. I hope it helps some of you if you are ever unlucky enough to feel like this.
Img Src

Getting Out Of Bed. Arguably the most difficult part of the day when you're ill. When you go to bed leave a glass of water, Ibuprofen (or even better, Beechams) and a packet of Strepsils on your night stand. When you wake up, pop two of those bad boys and a Strepsil straight away. Blow your nose too it's gonna be gammy. And use nasal spray too if you have some. (It's worth the investment.)
Hot Bath. When you make it past the bedroom door crawl your way to the bathroom and run the hottest bath you can tolerate. Get in and enjoy the scolding. The steam will clear all your passages. Drink lots of water before and during this or you might pass out. I take no blame.
Breakfast. If you're not hungry, don't force it. Make sure you have lots of water though to stay hydrated and flush the cold out. Have some energy juice if you can't stomach food. By now your meds will have kicked in and you should feel a bit better.
Sofa Time. Don't go back to bed, it will feel all minging and sicky. Set up base on the sofa with a blanket, green tea, tissues close to hand, and a book or film or something. Don't move unless you have to. Stay warm and tucked up and rest as much as you can. Keep drugging yourself up every 5 hours too, it's every man for himself out there. 
Makeup. If you want to feel better about the fact your face looks like a Foogly from Spy Kids, put a cold cloth on your eyes to bring down puffiness. Screw the foundation, you'll be wiping it away anyway when you blow your nose. If for some Godawful reason you have to leave the house, opt for tinted moisturiser and mascara. Exfoliate your lips they will probably be cracking from dryness because you can't breathe through your nose. I like the Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub. 
Try to push through it should only be a few more days if you're at this stage.  Also make anyone close to hand do your bidding. I have a handy boyfriend for this. Parents or friends work well too though. 
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Tumblr Magic.

Saturday, 5 April 2014
Hello Darlings. 

I am ill. I am rotting away on my sofa with a raw throat and a chest that hurts every time I breathe. It's no fun. On top of being ill I'm trying to get my dissertation done with little to no energy, so I'm afraid I haven't been able to take any photo's for a blog post this week.
(My Insta catch up will probably be pretty pathetic too. Stay tuned.)

But I wanted to get something up here, so I thought I would share with you some bits I love from my Tumblr. I try to update my Tumblr every day, you can find it here. So here's some fashspiration and general prettiness, and I apologise for my postings this week. 

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BFF Outfit Post

Thursday, 3 April 2014

I did a BFF Outfit post a while back here, and really enjoyed doing it so when Daisy was at mine for a night out, we decided to do another one. We were wearing flats for the walk, and changed into heels just before we entered Fubar, because no one can walk in heels and at least in a club everyone is drunk and it's dark and harder to notice. Also you can pretend it's because you're drunk and not because you're a poor excuse for a woman. Sarah Jessica Parker - teach us your ways.

I am wearing: An extremely summery and weather inappropriate dress from New Look, my pink Vans, laces by Schuh. My lippie is Rebel.
Daisy is wearing: A dress from Newlook, her Vans and frilly socks which I've seen in Topshop. 
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Please Vote!

Hey Guys!
So if anyone has a spare minute to nominate me for the Company Blogger Awards under Best Personal Style blog I would appreciate it so much! It would be great for exposure and just so I know that you all enjoy reading what I put out there for you!
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