Feeling Fabulous When You're Ill.

Monday, 7 April 2014
This title is a lie. I am ill, and I don't feel fabulous. If I were being more truthful, this post would be entitled 'How to decrease thought of suicide when battling the common cold.' I am so ill right now I look and feel like Voldemort when he became a foetus in the final film. (Spoiler Alert.) 
I have made a list of ways to survive. I hope it helps some of you if you are ever unlucky enough to feel like this.
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Getting Out Of Bed. Arguably the most difficult part of the day when you're ill. When you go to bed leave a glass of water, Ibuprofen (or even better, Beechams) and a packet of Strepsils on your night stand. When you wake up, pop two of those bad boys and a Strepsil straight away. Blow your nose too it's gonna be gammy. And use nasal spray too if you have some. (It's worth the investment.)
Hot Bath. When you make it past the bedroom door crawl your way to the bathroom and run the hottest bath you can tolerate. Get in and enjoy the scolding. The steam will clear all your passages. Drink lots of water before and during this or you might pass out. I take no blame.
Breakfast. If you're not hungry, don't force it. Make sure you have lots of water though to stay hydrated and flush the cold out. Have some energy juice if you can't stomach food. By now your meds will have kicked in and you should feel a bit better.
Sofa Time. Don't go back to bed, it will feel all minging and sicky. Set up base on the sofa with a blanket, green tea, tissues close to hand, and a book or film or something. Don't move unless you have to. Stay warm and tucked up and rest as much as you can. Keep drugging yourself up every 5 hours too, it's every man for himself out there. 
Makeup. If you want to feel better about the fact your face looks like a Foogly from Spy Kids, put a cold cloth on your eyes to bring down puffiness. Screw the foundation, you'll be wiping it away anyway when you blow your nose. If for some Godawful reason you have to leave the house, opt for tinted moisturiser and mascara. Exfoliate your lips they will probably be cracking from dryness because you can't breathe through your nose. I like the Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub. 
Try to push through it should only be a few more days if you're at this stage.  Also make anyone close to hand do your bidding. I have a handy boyfriend for this. Parents or friends work well too though. 
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  1. haha being under the weather, there is no such thing as feeling fab! You are so right! We can only try to cope and make it all better :)



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