OOTD : No9 & Daisy Chains

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

When I wore this outfit it was sunny. Today it is rainy. I'm reminiscing the sun as I write this and thinking to myself, 'sod it, that would have been the Scottish summer then.' 
Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted. 

I am wearing a vest top from H&M, my ever-trusty Internacionale skirt (I still say Topshop if anyone asks..) and my aztec trainers from New Look. The floral crown is from Claire's, who currently are stocking an absolute treasure-trove worth of summer festival and floral goodies. 

I'm always a bit tentative at wearing flowers in my hair for fear of either coming across as a 60s hippie stoner or (excuse the language) a bit of a bellend. I feel stupid in overly feminine things as I don't feel comfortable, I feel a bit like a little china doll. I suppose in my case, Japanese doll. Either way, I think that the dark colours and pleather texture of the skirt toned it all down enough to warrant a crown of faux flowers upon my hairy head. Also can we all take a moment to appreciate my dog being the biggest poser in the history of blog posers?
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