Candid Callie: 40 F*cks List II

Wednesday, 18 June 2014
A long time ago I made a list of 50 people I would like to engage in sexual relations with. It was a relatively popular post, and time and tastes have changed so I thought I would revise a new list. (Ten short of 50, it got difficult.) Old List can be seen here.  
Disclaimer: I have not slept with anyone on this list, unfortunately. And this list is in no particular order.
1.Beyonce Obviously.
2. Jorah Mormont. He can spy on me any day.
3. Jon Snow knows something about being hot.
4.  Lord Baelish. 
5. Dave Franco
6. Elsa. Admit it she's hot. 
7. Tom Hardy. I still want his hardy.
8. Vanessa Hudgens, because she was sexy in Spring Breakers.
9. Bradley Cooper, especially in a suit.
10. Jennifer Lawrence because I'm an unoriginal conformist to society.
11. Rachel Mcadams, she's bloody glorious. Always.
12. The dude from Save The Last Dance. What a cutie.
13.  Poussey. Accent a droite, bitch.
14. Pharrel. Aye, he could make me happy.
15. Adriana Lima
16. Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner. Not at the same time though.
17. Obama. 
18. Remus Lupin. Things could get a bit freaky after dark but I'm game if he is.
19. Awkward threesome with Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom
20. Hugh Grant if he was like 10 years younger.
21.Tinie Tempah. My ultimate soulmate.
22. Kelly Kapowski. The definition of glorious, and my first ever woman-crush.
23. Mila Kunis and her bedroom eyes.
24. Christian Bale, especially in American Psycho minus the raping and murder parts.
25. Amanda Holden
26. Cersei because I love a bad bitch.
27. Phoebe Lettice. The only attractive cast member in all of Chelsea. 
28.Ed Westwick, especially in a suit, especially with his British accent.
30. George Clooney, the definition of a silver fox.
31. Jennifer Anniston because she's rocking hot for her age. Cudos.
32. Kuzco because he is hands down the funniest male character ever written by Disney.
33.Christina Aguilera
34. Nina Nesbitt, the ultimate sweetheart.
35. David Beckham. He's only gotten better with age.
36.Victoria Justice
37. Rebeca Fox
38. Danaerys. This woman is PERFECTION in every single way.
39. Skylar Austin. Top cutie.
40.  Paul Rudd. The funny guy always wins.
And finally, 3 People I would NEVER sleep with.
1. Joffrey
2. Spencer
3. Avril Lavigne
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  1. Haha, I really enjoyed that post.
    Especially the fact that you included animated characters ;)


  2. I love your blog so much! It's so gorgeous :) x


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