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Saturday, 7 June 2014
I was recently very kindly sent the new Invisi Weave from Wonderland Wigs. It is basically like a half wig, so it sits the same as extensions would but instead of underneath it sits at the top via use of teeth grips. It's super secure and in the pictures below I just styled it by pinning some of my own hair backwards so you can't see the seam. It took about 2 minutes to put in, so much quicker than extensions for me. 

It's synthetic as well which I like (something about wearing someone else's hair creeps me out) BUT the piece de resistance is that it can withstand GHD heat. When it originally arrived it was wavy but I straightened it for these pictures and it's just so thick and voluminous. I am completely in love. This is the best alternative to extensions I have found, and it's so easy to style and maintain. I literally cannot get enough of this. I'll be posting a video over the next few days showing how to fit it, so if you want to wait and see how that's done then sit tight :) For me, this is a lifesaver. I obviously got it in pure black but they have various other shades, if you're unsure you can email them with your hair and they will help you choose a good match, which is always helpful.

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