A Post About a Handbag.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014
Every now and again something really, really good unexpectedly happens. And you think perhaps it's karma for helping that old lady with her bags or something because there is no way that things like this actually happen. Things like finding £50 in your jeans pockets or getting emailed with a random offer for a dream job or getting a call from Tom Hardy saying you are his one true love and he wants to hitch you. That type of level. Well, it happened to me. (Not the actual Tom Hardy thing but on a similar level of joy.) 

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I went into London to meet some of my girls for a nice, relaxed day of wine and carbs in the sun. Obviously shopping involved. The one and only thing I wanted was to come away with a brown, everyday handbag. I had been looking for one for weeks but unfortunately I am incredibly picky with bags and the slightest thing can turn me off or make me see it as tacky. I don't actually own any brown bags, I always go for black. But I think brown is better for Summer/Autumn/Spring so the time came. I looked pretty much in every shop and basically gave up. 

We had already been in Zara but I was walking past another one and basically this bag was right on the floor in the middle where someone had changed their mind and dumped it by the door. So I told my friend to hold fire and went and picked it up and it was £100 (authentic leather) in the sale for £40. It was the bag. So I went to pay and (here is the really good bit.) It scanned through as £25. I literally tried not to snog the girl behind the till. I had been more than willing to pay the £40. Hell, I would have paid the hunner.

 It's the perfect size, it's not too big but fits everything I could need including cameras and dog toys in it with ease. The leather is supple and the best shade of tan. There's no random stuck on embellishments and the gold detailing and buckles don't look tacky or like they will bronze. It is literally the perfect bag. And I literally found it in the middle of the floor for 75% off!

  I am so glad I helped that old lady with he bags.

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